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The Manitoba Museum

I posted this in the nativeamerican community because I think that people need to know the Truth about museums. This is one of many. The Manitoba Museum made about $24,000,000 in 2003 and another $24,000,000 in 2004. They spent 75.8% of it on salaries and benefits and more on marketing and public relations (about 2.9%) than they did on education and interpretation (1.3%.) If anyone thinks that museums are designed and constructed to "educate" and/or to "preserve" indigenous cultures. They better think again:

In the 2003-2004 Financial Statement published online at their website at

Total expenditures:

75.8% Salaries & Benefits
8.4% Central Services
5.8% Museum Shop
3.0% Security
2.9% Marketing & Public Relations
1.9% Research, Collections, & Exhibits
1.3% Education & Interpretation
0.9% Fundraising & Development

Note that Salaries & Benefits outnumbers Research, Collections, & Exhibits & Education & Interpretation.

Also in 2003 they made about $24,000,000 and in 2004 they made another $24,000,000.

This should upset some people. Some more than others.

So far the deleted post raised my suspicions in looking into the Financial Statements of the Bishop Museum in Hawai'i. So far they have the same pattern. More towards salaries and benefits than to research, exhibits, and interpretation. Not sure if this is universal or not but so far they are making money off some of our ancestors. That is, millions of dollars.

Also there are still people who think this way. This person supposedly works at the Manitoba Museum:

"I just got boourned by some chick who has a thing against museums because she's indigenous. Oh well. It's not my fault that white people stole shit and didn't return it. All we're trying to do now is educate, and so then she pulls up a list of the museum's expenditures to prove to me that museums are about making money. Hell, someone needs to pay the curators, guides, reception staff, conservationists, janitors, etc..."

Just something to seriously think about while drinking your Starbucks and while perusing museums that are built to "preserve" indigenous cultures.

I wonder how people feel about museums? Do you feel guilty? Do you care? *LOL*
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