For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Moving to Hawai'i: The Consequences

In the Honolulu Advertiser this tourist or "malihini" or "stranger to the land" writes to tell people that the highways are ugly. Duh! There are too many people on O'ahu. Too many people period. It's typical though of a tourist or "stranger of the land" to think this way when they are the ones who contributed to it. Yes... I despise hypocrits ;) They shouldn't be destroying the land... not just the highways:

Hawai'i's highways are shamefully ugly

Yes, I agree that our highways and freeways are horrible to look at. What a shame! Can't more people be hired to clean up? I don't think there's enough help out there cleaning our freeways and highways. So many weeds and so much rubbish. I think our population is getting too big.

We just came back from a wonderful trip. North Carolina's highways and freeways are clean, so beautiful with flowers of all different colors; they look lovely. Now why not in Hawai'i? We really should have flowers on our highways — after all, Hawai'i is supposed to be beautiful — not just on our beaches and mountains.

Marietta Mattoon
Tags: moving to hawaii

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