For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Pictures of Hawaiian Food

Especially for maldito

Tako poke (Seasoned raw squid)

See the ake on the top right? (Seasoned cow intestinal lining) It looks like ake anyway *LOL* On the bottom right I think that's a'ama crab. It looks like it anyway *LOL*


Bob's Fish Market closed and they had the best aku palu (seasoned fish guts etc.) I couldn't find a picture of aku palu but it looks like fish guts all cut up very fine/meticulously. It tastes really good though. Well at least I think so *LOL*


Notice how expensive these are. They are about $6.50 per pound (U.S.) Fuck man!
Tags: hawaiian food

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