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Email from a former executive board member of the Hapa Issues Forum at UCI

I wasn't aware of this email til I checked but someone from the University of California-Irvine sent this via the Real Hapas Contact Form:

"I am a former executive board member of Hapa Issues Forum UCI Chapter and UCI M.I.X. (Multiethnic Interracial eXperience). I also agree that the term Hapa is not the most appropriate term to describe those of mixed descent. While serving the "Hapa" community, I supported the name-change of our organization from Hapa Issues Forum to a more general name that would encompass the multiracial movement without using the term "Hapa". However, under much consideration and endless discussion, I was convinced that the term "Hapa" has much history when it comes to those of mixed Asian descent and it must be a gradual movement away from using the term. "Hapa" has been historically utilized by those torn between two racial identies, to find one. Now that the community has become stronger and the numbers continue to increase, there are many who are tearing away from the term "Hapa" and are embracing their individual mix and/or are embracing the general term of being multiracial. Being Mexican Japanese, I no longer consider myself "Hapa", rather Mexican Japanese or multiracial." --- June 11, 2004

As I imagined... more and more people are becoming aware of the status quo of non-Hawaiians using the Hawaiian word "hapa" to describe themselves. Obviously this person has done the right thing and has chosen to tear away from the Hawaiian word and returning it to Hawaiians to use it. That is very respectful I must say. I thanked him for contacting us and I also thanked him for respecting our culture so yes... it's pretty cool to work with people who are changing the status quo of non-Hawaiians using the Hawaiian word "hapa" to describe themselves. It's pretty cool to show educated people that what they are doing is inherently wrong and disrespectful to the Hawaiian culture and to its people.

I think I'm getting that message across but not all Hawaiians think, act, look, nor speak alike. However I will be sure that my voice is heard and LOUDLY. So what if they call me nasty names. I can live with knowing that I am Malama i ka olelo oiwi a me na oiwi. I mean... taking care and protecting the Hawaiian language... and its people. Others can do what they have to do. I will do what I have to do. So far about 5200 or so people have read the page since March 2004. That is a good number for only four months. I hope to get it to 25,000 very soon. Pretty soon it will be an "In" thing to respect the Hawaiian culture and its language. Ei nei! (or "Look at us!")

I still won't change my approach though I reserve the right to tell people to fuck off and keep their hands off of our language HAHA (Yes... I do have a sense of humor albeit frustrating to some but I am hau oli. I cannot help it if I am hau oli! ;)
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