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A song about a man in Keaukaha

Israel Kamakawiwoole sang this song, "Kaleohano," about a man in Keaukaha (Big Island!) who died while on the waiting list for Department of Hawaiian Home Land. This song epitomizes the travesties committed against Hawaiians. This song and the Hawaiian language... is very poetic:


Written by Louis Moon Kauakahi

Kaleohano, O Kaleohano kou inoa
Ku'u home, ku'u home. Ku'u home O Keaukaha
Kaulana O Keaukaha

Kaleohano, O Kaleohano kou inoa.
Ku'u aina, ku'u kulaiwi. Ahuli i ke kai
Kaulana O Keaukaha

Aloha wau ia Maunakea
I ke anu o ke ahiahi
Ho'olono, ho'olono. Ho'olono i ka leo kamakani
Keaukaha no, ke ka oi

English Translation (similar... but NOT equal):

"Kaleohano (a name meaning:The Voice (of) Authority and Respect),

Kaleohano (is) your name

My (in a form expressing affection) home, my home, my
home, Keaukaha

Famous (is) Keaukaha

Kaleohano, Kaleohano (is) your name

My land, my native land, and dashing and receding (is) the sea

Famous (is) Keaukaha.

Listen, listen, listen to the voice of the wind

Keaukaha indeed, the place."

And here is an intriguing statement that I found:

"The fact is that Americans are not a thoughtful people; they are too busy to stop and question their values."

--- William Ralph

What do YOU value? Or... are you too busy???
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