For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Malama kakou i ka `Olelo Hawai`i

Malama kakou i ka `Olelo Hawai`i. `A`ole makemake au e kaua no lakou no ka mea `o lakou he hupo ana.

Here are more comments from the petition:

Philip Mueller: " e ola mau ka olelo hawai'i"

Kana'i Chock: "To those of the ignorant kind, the word 'kahuna' refers to a kind of culturistic value that should not be reckoned with. And people who are both ignorant, and denying of who they are or is just not understanding of a precious way of life, needs to broaden their horizons, and find out first, who they are, and what they should know about themselves. Just except the fact, please, that naming the 'car' such a sacred name is hewa, pono 'ole. Mahalo"

Pua Correa: "Should have asked the Hawaiians first"

Sage U'ilani Takehiro: "STOP THE MISAPPROPRIATION OF [the]



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