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On Kalena Santos being a Liar and a Hawaiian Wanna Be

Throughout the night Ive been having an interesting conversation with maldito at

about Kalena Santos and Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate and as usual he like many others like to blame Hawaiians when in fact many people including but not limited to Kalena Santos like to lie to Hawaiians and/or disrespect Hawaiians.

Many Hawaiians grumble that Hawaiians arent taken seriously or that others keep them down yet they like to cast blame on other Hawaiians basically saying that its their fault that Kalena Santos lied.

No, it isnt Hawaiians who are to blame. IT IS KALENA SANTOS. She is the liar.

Also her birth certificate may have reflected that her stepfather was her father showing that shes Hawaiian when in fact shes not by koko. But no... its the Hawaiians fault. Typical.

So has much changed for Hawaiians? Have our attitudes changed? No. We're still in the bucket like the alamihi crabs that we are instead of having faith in other Hawaiians. Some choose to attack them and doubt them and their abilities.

Are Hawaiians ever going to get the respect that they deserve especially by other Hawaiians or are they going to remain stagnant and picky like alamihi crabs pulling each other down in order to feel better about themselves. The irony is that many people who criticize Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate are usually the ones who have never attended the Schools so they dont nor do they know what the admissions process entails. Students are carefully scrutinized mentally and physically. They are interviewed rigorously and their knowledge is tested. Its a school that is well run. However I wonder and will always wonder if Hawaiians will ever be respected culturally, professionally, physically, spiritually, and otherwise?

From some I hear people blaming the rape victim for what the rapist has done and I dont like what I hear... and see. Rape victims do not ask to be raped nor are they to blame and Kalena Santos just raped Kamehameha and Hawaiian children yet who are they blaming? The rape victims instead of her.

maldito made a very good point though which I agree yet disagree with him as well. He said that I have made a connection with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs since they respond to my requests since I have threatened them numerous times that if they dont help me then I will have my attorneys sue them. They dont/wont respond to his emails whereas he doesnt threaten to sue them which shows that some Hawaiians there dont respect him. I disagree with how some Hawaiians treat other Hawaiians. Lili'u would turn over in her grave if she saw that but its not my mission in life to change every Hawaiian's opinions about other Hawaiians but when you attend Kamehameha it teaches you to be HAWAIIAN. And I cant explain what that means. One would have to feel it in their na'au. That is why Im torn when it comes to OHA. Do I threaten them with legal action so they respond to my email inquiries or do I ask nicely and have my emails repeatedly ignored? I choose the former over the latter.

Respect for Hawaiians by Hawaiians? Respect for Hawaiians by non-Hawaiians? It remains to be seen but from where Im sitting it does not look good on both sides!

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