For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

More opinions about the misuse of the Hawaiian word "kahuna"

I like the new colors of my journal. Its so bright *LOL*

Now the petition is up to 3081 names. A few comments:

La Chriseja Elisaga: "They only want to name it that because it sounds "COOL" How Many do you think they would sell if they called it the Dodge REDNECK!!"

Kanani Sang: "'Auwe! Please do more research when using Hawaiian words."

Kili Namau'u: "Stop exploiting Hawaiian culture!"

Keali'i'olu'olu Gora: "Please do not use this sacred Hawaiian name in vain. It does not belong to you and I truly believe you are infringing upon my intellectual and property rights as a Hawaiian."

Kawika Hong: "Quite offending..."

Johnnette Napoleon: "In the name of respect for people's culture, change the name. Mahalo."

Patricia A Morris: "Please use another name / our Kahuna is a powerful priest of Hawai'i and you are committing sacrilege. If you don't respect the word - respect the culture."

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