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Signatures now total 4013. Some quotes from people who have a problem with the inaccurate use of the word, "Kahuna:"

lon shiroma: "the use of kahuna as a car name shows disrespect for a culture and people. kahuna is a word the has reference to hawaiian culture as well as religious system. there are no cars with references like god or messiah. kahuna should not be a flaunting figure on any car."

Nell Ava: "I'm a Hawaiian and I feel that the word "Kahuna" is a sacred word and should not be used for a car...it is very offensive to our Hawaiian people."

Puamana Crabbe: "Those that can benefit in the capitalistic world of ours, using other cultures w/o the need to give back, really are the very ones who lack their own self identity to their culture. That is why they look to other cultures to manipulate, dissect, assess, exploit, all in the name of "democracy" & "capilitalism". They document everything about one's culture from their perspective, in the hopes of making it their own. Hawaiians have one of the strongest "native"cultures alive in the world, our language, our hula, our 'oli, our practices & rituals are living here & now! It is pono to let the world know that what they have taken for granted is now @ issue re. our rights & what is pono.. It is our "right " to make our stand as needed."

Dawn Sang: "As an educator and caretaker of the Hawaiian language, I feel it is my duty to my culture, heritage and all my ancestors to ensure that our language is cared for and respected. Please consider changing the name of your recent vehicle and seek aide from people who are knowledgeable about the history of the Hawaiian language."

Ilima Anne PIIANAIA: "There are so many connotations to the word "kahuna" and you have obviously chosen poorly. The term "kahuna" should probably never be used in everyday parlance. If your team of vehicle-namers need advice, they can call on me, but moreso they should ask the Hawaiian communities. This is much more egregious than naming a vehicle "Gross Pointe" and expect to sell it in inner Detroit without a value-laden reaction."

See online petition here:


Cross-posted in oiwi and indigenousam.

Edit: I need to learn to speak fluent Hawaiian. As well as fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, and English *LOL* Anyway...

E ku`e kakou! Malama kakou i ka `Olelo Hawai`i. `A`ole makemake au e kaua no lakou no ka mea `o lakou he hupo ana.

I like that.


Feb. 10th, 2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
Well I just remember the name and the hair but I dont really know for a fact. I just remember... thats why.
Feb. 11th, 2004 01:11 am (UTC)
Yes.... I didn't mean you knew him personally. But the white hair is a distinctive trait of that nuclear family.


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