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More comments about Hawaiians

I like these:

Kimo Beckley-Yamanoha: "Once more the Kanaka Maoli has to deal with ignorant haole's that misuse our language for capital gain. Who gave you the right to use such a sacred word as Kahuna to name a car! I can't begin to explain what a disrespectful thing this is! Stop and pull your PO'O out of your OKOLE, and educate yourselves! Have a little respect! Might as well call it Jesus or perhaps God!"

Tiana Cachola: "We need to start preserving our culture & not allow outsiders to continuously alter it for their own gratification!!!"

Shannon Kaaekuahiwi: "I not only find it offensive, I think Dodge has shown a total lack of respect for the Hawaiian people and their culture."

Joe Salazar: "The misuse and abuse of Hawaiian language and cultural practices/symbols are not recent phenomena. If Dodge or any supporters of naming of this new model are ignorant of the plilght of Hawaiians, CRACK OPEN A BOOK! This act feels like kicking dirt in our eyes when we are already down; when we have already suffered more cultural degredation and appropriation than any people in the world should have to endure. Enough is enough- choose a name that does not offend or contribute to the string of offenses already in effect"

B Punohu'ulu'okalani Minami: "Do not belittle the Hawaiian people and our culture. Dodge is trying to capitalize on a 60s, glamorized, unrealistic interpretation of what "Kahuna" means. If proper research is done by Dodge, they will understand why Hawaiians are taking such offense. Don't degrade the ways of Hawaii, respect the spirituality. How much thought would it take before the car was named the "Pope" or the "Rabi"? You wouldn't do it, so don't do it to the Hawaiians either."

Ku'uipo Kelekolio: "Stop the exploitation!! Do your homework and find out the correct meaning of a native language before you splash it in the media and promote the misuse and abuse of it!!"
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