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More comments from the petition

Mahina Viritua: "This is EXPLOITATION & COMMERCIALIZING our culture, like everything else, and not giving a thing back!!"

Audy Kimura: "The Hawaiian language exists only in one part of the world and the improper use of "Kahuna" denigrates its true meaning. Surely Dodge can find another name which will not offend the Hawaiian culture and those like myself who love and hold it sacred."

Carly Ululani Oliva: "People need to stop viewing the Hawaiian culture as a thing to be used as they please and begin to show respect for a culture that is older than the United States of America."

Marilyn Miller: "Please respect our culture. Thank you"

James K Akaka Sr.: "Please respect our Hawaiian culture."

Cayleb Lorenzo: "we Hawaiian people have deep meanings for our words and the word "Kahuna" has been misused over and over again. Have some respect for our people and our culture. Stop using native names for your money making stratigies. FIND A NEW NAME FOR SUCH AN UGLY CAR!!!!!!"

Kuuipo Enos: "Its embarrassing as it makes our culture look like fools - lack of respect to our culture and people is what I see. Surely they would not allow others to slander or tease their culture."

Perhaps maldito needs to read the signatures in its entirety to see how pissed off some Hawaiians are after the misuse of the word, "Kahuna." I wonder how they would feel about the misuse of the word, "Hapa." They'd probably be pissed off too. Its funny though cuz I had some convos with people who said that the Hawaiians whom they know dont care. Well LOOK. Look da Hawaiians. (That's pidgin by the way.)
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