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Emails between Manu Boyd and I


Subject: Re: Urgent

Aloha e Manu,
I remember you from Kamehameha Schools. I'm also a graduate of Kamehameha, class of 1985. I didn't mean to come off as pushy or threatening but there have been times... more often than not... when Hawaiian leaders don't listen to other Hawaiians so I apologize for my tone in the two emails I have sent to you so far. I'm Hawaiian though so whenever I write to you or send an email to OHA it's so that the younger Hawaiian kids coming after me will be heard etc. Its quite frustrating to say the least. Anyway thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it.


Manu Boyd:

I totally agree, and no need to apologize.

Aloha, Manu

He just made me cry. Oh and he good looking *LOL* but he mahu. Not my kine and I not his kine.
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