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On the sacredness of the Hawaiian language

Some excerpts from the online petition against Dodge naming a concept car, "Kahuna," that are incredible:

Keni Aikau: "Please do your research before degrading a culture."

Minette Fernandez: "Please respect the Hawaiian culture and its people. Change the name.

Alison Kochiyama: "This misuse of language and disrespect to the Hawaiian people is just another blow to all ethnic cultures."

Shawn Cavaco: "dont do another injustice to Hawaiians"

Dana P.: " I don't believe it's right to take such a name to enhance it's name. Offense is taken from it because it has lost it's true meaning and by naming a car after this would slaughter the word entirely and bring down part of the language with it, as well."

Nancy Green: "Stop racist behavior!!!!"

It's clear that many people dont appreciate the misuse of Hawaiian words out of respect for Hawaiian people. I will be footnoting aforementioned quotes to introduce that wave against the misuse of the word "Hapa." Perhaps some people will finally GET IT.

If you have not already done so please sign the petition below:

Its up to 2941 signatures already. I guess people are taking a stand against the rape of the Hawaiian language :)
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