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To be Hawaiian

Im quite SHOCKED that the petition against Dodge naming a prototype vehicle, "Kahuna," is now up to 751 signatures. So far I have seen respected Keola Beamer and Keith Haugen's names there. Author of "Dismembering Lahui," Jon Osorio has also signed the petition. Neil Hannahs of Kamehameha Schools also signed. Noenoe Silva who uncovered the Ku'e Petitions (petitions which Hawaiians signed against statehood uncovered publicly in 1998). Even Tony Kapualanimaikanoholaniakeahiamauloaokailiuauaokalani Conjugacion signed. Hes a singer. Kamehameha Schools spokesman Kekoa Paulsen also signed. WoW!!!!!!! So far I was impressed with this comment by someone named Kuuipo Kumukahi:

"We have a copyright on the term/word "kahuna" - it's not free - it belongs to our families - you can license the word from us - we will send you a contract and we will be glad to collect royalties on it. Our terms will be specific and the contract is non-negotiable - you have to pay up front for everything and then there are more conditions so make sure you read it carefully - seems to me we could collect a lot of money for a long time - and sue Dodge if Dodge should step out of line. Dodge has not been granted permission to use the term/word "kahuna" until the contract is signed."

Many people like to disrespect Hawaiians like when they use the HAWAIIAN word "hapa" to describe themselves *LOL* but ANYWAY this is a good sign. Definitely a GOOD SIGN! :)

See and sign the petition at
Tags: racism against hawaiians, to be hawaiian

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