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I don't like to pass these things on to people but I thought this deserved some attention. Someone juan70x started a petition regarding DODGE coming out w/ a new car coming out this year, the Dodge Kahuna (Dodge PT Cruiser?)

Personally, my feelings towards the Hawaiian language and any other language is different. I'm not a language nazi where strict rules in a language are important to me. These people are known as "Grammarians", but we all know they're just language nazis who don't understand evolution of a language.

In this particular situation, I explained to this person who initiated the petition exactly what "kahuna" means, which basically means a skilled person. I gave him a list (see below) of the different types of kahuna, but by the turn of the last century the word "kahuna" was synonymous with "priest". In any case, I only signed it b/c everytime there's a hint of cultural appropriation/exploitation, you know I'll be the first one to say something. So it's up to you if you find this should be worth signing or not.

Types of Kahunas

kauka ha'iha'i iwi - bone setter
lomilomi - massage expert
la'au lapa'au - herb doctor
niho - tooth doctor (today we use kauka niho for a dentist)
kaukaukalolo - tattoo expert
wehewehe - dream interpreter
imu (umu) keeper of the oven; cooking expert
po'o - high priest
kilokilo - reader of skies & omens
kalai - carving expert
ho'oulu'ai - agriculture expert
nanina'ouli - character reader
a'o - teacher of sorcery
kuehu - one who drove off evil spirits
kaula - prophet
'ana'ana, ho'ounauna, kuni - those who used black magic
ninau 'uhane - one who speaks to spirits
haha - one who diagnoses illness by feeling the body
kumu hula - one in charge of hula halau
ho'ohanau keiki - midwife
ho'ohapai keiki - one who cared for women carrying child; labor inducers
mamake kaua - one who plotted & led wars
pa'ao'ao - diagnosis of children's diseases
la'au kahea - faith healing
haku mele ula - makers of chants & music
kalai wa'a - canoe maker
'ea - one who could raise the dead
'o'o - one who healed by bleeding the ill
ho'okele - navigator
wanana i ke au o ka manawa - reader of weather signs
kelamoku - expert seaman (I'm certain this term is new)
lawai'amanu - expert bird catcher
ka'a kaua - war strategist
papa po'o - leader of the warriors
lawelawe iwi - one who cared for bones of the dead
lawai'a kolau - expert catching fish w/ a net
'upena hana - expert fish net maker
kukei'i wana'ao - expert story teller
hale kukulu - expert house builder
hui - member of the chief's court who led functions/ceremonies
i'e kuku ho'ooki - expert tapa maker
ho'a 'ahu - one who supplied clothing for chief & court

Many people may ask, "Whats the big deal?"

The big deal is that they are naming this car after a sacred Hawaiian name/word and I have a problem with that. Please sign the petition. It will take less than three minutes to do so. Thank you!
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