November 14th, 2006


I agree with this lady

In today's paper a lady wrote about compassion for the homeless in Hawaii. I guess it's stating the obvious but far too often compassion is lacking. Fortunately this lady stated the obvious and I agree with her... instead of bitching about the homeless in Hawaii... why not try to do something about it???? Here is her letter:


In response to Wil Wong (Letters, Nov. 13), yes, the homeless problem is terrible. You decry the poor image that homeless visibility projects, yet you offer no solution. What should we do with these people? Shall we put them all on Kaho'olawe? Or maybe keep you company in your comfortable setting in Ha'iku?

The majority of these people are not homeless by choice but by the economy. Try to imagine how it must feel to be the sole supporter of an aging mother and a handicapped friend and have to go live on the beach (or a bench by the Hawai'i Theatre), because the house you have lived in for 30 years got sold and the rent was jacked up so high you could no longer pay.

A lot of people out there complain about the "unsightliness" of the homeless, but have no solution to offer. I say to you that if you can't offer a solution, then don't complain.

Maybe the sight of these people might light a little spark of compassion in your grandchildren/children.

No, I do not have a solution. I wish I did. But I do feel compassion for the homeless. It can and does happen to anybody.

Loretta Allen, Honolulu

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Michelle Wie steps up to help

Being that I'm from Hawaii, I am well aware of the child phenom Michelle Wie though she isn't like Tiger Woods in that he won every amateur title before turning pro. Wie never attained that but recently with her millions of dollars... she stepped up to the plate. It's quite shocking and while it may be for publicity... at least she is doing something about it though there are many people who try to help albeit anonymously... her help made local news:

Wie steps up aid for students

By Rob Perez
Advertiser Staff Writer

This computer lab at Kamaile Elementary School in Wai'anae will be refurbished courtesy of a donation by teen golfer Michelle Wie.

Teenage golfing sensation Michelle Wie plans to donate thousands of dollars worth of equipment and supplies to refurbish a computer room at a Wai'anae elementary school, the latest response in a growing effort stretching beyond Hawai'i to help the homeless along the Wai'anae Coast.

Read the rest of the story here:

Pictures of some of my favorite Hawaiian food

My Hilo Grandma exposed me to Hawaiian food though she once told me not to eat Hawaiian food infront of other people or else they will think I am a heathen. Also during college I used to be a vegetarian. Either way I respect people's choice what they put in their mouth and do not presume to judge what others eat... or do not eat.

Well here are some pictures that I forgot to post from my trip to Seattle. If some people remember I inherited some property from family and I lived there for about 13 years so it always has a special place in my heart.

Anyway here are some pictures of Hawaiian food for those who don't know about Hawaiian food as some people who read my Livejournal already know what Hawaiian food is. This is for those who don't know... or for those who wanna know what I like to eat LOL

Starting off with poi:

Note that I take crappy pictures but I go for content... not quality LOL

This is aku le mixed with some water and onions:

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More pictures from Seattle

I forgot to post these but here are more from my Seattle trip that I took in August I think LOL Like I mentioned before, I lived in Seattle for almost 13 years and return every once in awhile since I used to live there and also because I inherited some property there so she has a special place in my heart. People at the University of Washington were really kind and respectful to me too which I never forget. Anyway here are some pictures:

I noticed a bird atop a light when I was at the pier:

Yes, I notice these things ;)

My youngest niece. Unfortunately I can't mention her name here for privacy and safety reasons but I can say her middle name is "Rose" named after our grandmother:

Last but not least my two middle nieces, "Hope" and "Grace:"

Though all of them have Hawaiian first names.

Sorry one more picture post

Sorry for this additional picture post but since I have time to post today I'm trying to post pictures. I leave next week for DC again so I probably won't have time so I hope people don't mind me clogging up their friends list today. If I am... sorry!

Here are two more. I won't post pictures for awhile but I wanted to include these two pics taken of my nephew:

To me he's adorable and it's cute how he argues with me haha He's really rough too so this ladybug ride is deceiving LOL But he's very protective of me. It's cute.

Okay well... I put the other one behind a cut for those who are annoyed:

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E kala mai (sorry) for clogging up your Friends List with pictures but some people like to see pictures.