October 5th, 2006

American Girl

A month ago

About a month ago I came across this quote:

"It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit."

I can only imagine how much would be accomplished if we weren't concerned with getting credit. That is why I dislike when people like to be acknowledged or noticed for their work. It shows me that they want to be recognized instead of doing what is right.

Just a thought that I have been thinking about before I start building Hale Hermit :-)


See how Hawaiians talk and word gets out

Hawaiians are some of the smartest most resourceful people whom I know. In my latest post it epitomizes how we talk. See my earlier post about why I am writing my manao here:


Because ALL Hawaiians are cousins through Wakea and Papa who are the progenitors of the Hawaiian people. We don't abandon our cousins! Period! No exceptions!

Anyway someone responsed to my manao. My naau tells me this person is accurate:

"Aloha e Kakou!

As a close connection of Shelly's ohana, I'm heart-wrenched about the abominable disrespect and dishonor the Arioli clan has brought to the bloodline ohana and the the bloodline's ancestors. Shelly's eviction is NOT the first event. There has been "multiple" injustices to the bloddline ohana.

Fact 1: Eleonora evited bloodline's Aunty who was then 70+ years of age from her own home on the homestead.

Fact 2: Shortly after Uncle Irwin's passing, Eleonora also evited Shelly's "disabled" sister and her 2 very young children from the homestead. Throwing them out in the night, on foot, without a penny in their pockets.

Fact 3: Kept all family heirlooms that were willed to Shelly & her siblings by their grandmother.

Fact 4: TRO on Eleonora - Sister and her children from Fact 2 was in desperate need of a place to live. At that time, one of the homestead homes was unoccupied. Shelly was in the process of helping her sister move into the home when Eleonora stormed into the home and assaulted Shelly and was arrested.

Fact 5: Currently NON-bloodline occupants are stratigically planted in ohana's homes to keep out all bloodline ohana from living on the homestead. Current occupants are Eleonora's brother in one homes (Aunty Irma's house) who claims to be part owner to the homestead & Eleonora's friend sits in the other.

Fact 6: AN ACT OF DESECRATION: Pertaining to the death of Eleonora's father, Michael Ettore Arioli: casue of death: Suicide by gunshot. location of suicide: In the home of Shelly's grandparents.

Fact 7: Eleonora refused many requests for HOOPONOPONO by request of the eldest daughter (Raene) of Irwin Keliipuleole and also extended family members. But why should the bloodlines be the ones to call for HOOPONOPONO? Looks like the Arioli's should be initiating HOOPONOPONO since they are the cause for so much pain to the bloodlines.

Fact 8 and more: There are more factual events that could be mentioned but I hope this information can help with the understanding to the magnitude of violations the Arioli clan has brought to the True KOKO of the aina.

Shelly and her family have been violated one too many! Enough is enough!

I knew Aunty Irma (Shelly's grandma) since I was a liitle keiki and I must say....Shelly and her siblings truly carry their gramdma's strength, humility and nobleness!

It's a shame that Uncle Irwin's children with Eleonora have chosen the path of the Arioli clan and have not chosen to be a bridge of hope in keeping the OHANA together. Who says it's too late. As long as one breathes, one is more that capable.

With all the aloha "so many of us" have for this ohana,

Seen at my post here: http://haolegirl.livejournal.com/1137689.html

Also I wonder why there wasn't a mutually satisfying solution to BOTH parties through hooponopono? With hooponopono both parties are satisfied.

In addition I know that some people in Keaukaha which is DHHL land too some Hawaiians re-sell their lease to another Hawaiian. My naau tells me that this may be why Eleonora Keliipuleole helped to evict Shelly Keliipuleole because of this possibility. That is, she may be planning to re-sell the lease to another Hawaiian. I trust my naau!