August 28th, 2006


Hawaiian Home Land Security

I noticed this video while I was looking for video of Terry Kekoolani. I don't know who this guy is but I like what he has to say about the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the Akaka Bill. That is... people didn't ask us Hawaiians if we wanted the Akaka Bill. Here is the video:

Personally, I like it when people fight for their rights. Whether they are Hawaiian, American, green, purple, or orange. I love seeing people fight for their rights.


Another one

I like this one too, "What does Hawaii have to offer the world?" "Learn from our mistake... and put your faith in your kupuna" which is exactly what I do even though I am an American by choice:


Sandra Puanani Burgess Caught on Tape

Here is a video where Sandra Puanani Burgess, wife of attorney H. William Burgess, made a racist comment about Muslims to Trisha Kehaulani Watson JD PhD (candidate) at Iolani Palace which shows Burgess' racism.

I knew they would be caught showing their true colors. Here she is, Sandra Puanani Burgess, making a racist comment. This time about Muslims: