August 20th, 2006


My Chinese heritage

Before I left the huge mouse trap we ate at a Chinese restaurant. I am after all... Chinese too LOL When I eat Chinese food I always eat my food with sticks. I also have hot tea since it helps break down the oil in the food because oil coagulates. Here is a picture of our tea. How exciting hehe:

Most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities so me being Chinese too is no big deal though some anti-Hawaiians tend to try to spread racism against us by saying that we are racist. Most of our ancestors spread their legs to non-Hawaiians. That is why most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities but it does not surprise me when these hateful people try to spread their hatred because they are after all hateFUL people.

Anyway though not all Hawaiians are as fortunate as I am... I'm back from my mini-vacation.. from this place where there is a huge head of a mouse designed out of metal LOL:

This week will be work and more work.