August 6th, 2006



I wrote about her before but one of the many nice Hawaiians who made a strong impression on me when I was a poor little girl was Aunty Genoa Keawe:

When I was younger since we were sooo poor she told my mother at the YMCA in Waialae on Oahu that she would teach us hula for free. How many people would do that and reach out to Hawaiian children? Very few so she definitely made an impression on me. While there are some pilau Hawaiians fortunately non-pilau Hawaiians outnumber pilau Hawaiians. Aunty Genoa Keawe epitomizes the non-pilau Hawaiian TO ME.

I admire her. One of many Hawaiians who helps other Hawaiians instead of only helping themselves and/or eating all of the poi (so to speak.) To me... she is self-less not selfish.

A few others especially some students at UH. Oh my gosh! It shows how their parents raised them... to look down on others who may not have been fortunate as they are. Therefore I stay far far FAR away from these intellectual egoists even though I am college educated... but Aunty Genoa Keawe... she right on. She taught my twin sister and I hula when our mother couldn't afford it. She right on!

Anyway it's people like these who made a difference in my life and is the reason why I have never taken any illicit drugs. She and others like her reached out to me. If it wasn't for them then chances are I would probably be on welfare and/or on drugs. It's people like these who unfortunately go unnoticed for contributing to what is right with the world. Well she gets my respect for reaching out to my twin sister and I. Very few people would do that yet she DID. She made a difference and an impression on my life. That's for sure and I can tell that she's genuinely nice because she treated me with respect when I didn't have ANY money which says a lot about her character. I don't want to be famous like her. Instead I aspire to be as genuinely nice as she is.