August 3rd, 2006


Hawaiian Music with Hawaiian Language

Here is a video that has someone singing a Hawaiian song. I am nowhere near as dark as he is nor are all Hawaiians dark. That's one thing that annoys me too about some people. That is they assume that all Hawaiians are dark. I will save that rant for another day but this is how the Hawaiian language sounds when someone sings:


Haolefied Hawaiian Music

In this video... you can hear the Haole influence which is one drawback of the Kamehameha Schools. That is, missionaries helped to create the Kamehameha Schools so you can see how they try to "tame" us which annoys me because they viewed us as heathens when they were some of the worse heathens ever.

One con is that the administrators help to Haole-fy our thinking and/or how we treat each other. Of course lately some Hawaiians view other Hawaiians as being "less" Hawaiian due to their location and/or blood quantum which is the Haole Way of Thinking so unfortunately some Hawaiians have been tainted for the worse. Some are even intellectual egoists whereas in our culture much of our knowledge was shared and/or we didn't act as high makamaka as some Hawaiians do which is universal: The colonized become colonizers. Hawaiians are no different though it is disappointing to see some Hawaiians use "pure Hawaiian" when there is no blood quantum in our culture. It also implies that other Hawaiians are "less" or "IMPURE." That is mainly why I oki some piko.

Anyway here is an example of Haolefied Hawaiian Music which has its pros... and cons:

Last video

Then I noticed this video which has many people protesting in Hawaii. Unfortunately they don't show this on CNN nor on MSNBC so some people mistakenly think that Hawaiians are satisfied with the status quo. This shows that we are not and looks like it was taped at the Iolani Palace. Keep in mind that there are only about 200,000 Hawaiians living in Hawaii. The rest of us (200,000 or so) live beyond the Hawaiian Islands and some people tell me such a stupid stuff like, "Let OHA take care of it." What the hell? They not doing their damn job. Idiots.

ANYWAY... this shows how OHA fails in its fiduciary duty as special agents to Hawaiians and also how Hawaiians and supporters of Hawaiians protest which clearly shows that some of us are dissatisfied with the status quo. Note too that "Hawaiian sovereignty" is NOT interchangeable with "anti-American" keeping in mind that I am both pro-Hawaiian Sovereignty and pro-American. Well here is some evidence of people protesting the status quo:

Finding Nemo: Something Wrong With You

Harry the Hypocrit

Okay... that dude, Harry, is REALLY embarrassing America.

Maybe das why he hides LOL

Seriously... I love America which seems to be incongruous with how some people perceive Hawaiians probably because being Hawaiian and American by nationalities is not their paradigm.

In any case... I am pro-American AND pro-Hawaiian.

I hope that Harry STOPS embarrassing this country, America. I mean... we're nor perfect nor is our country but for the love of this country!!! he should really stop showing his ignorance and hypocrisy because it is making this country look worse.


You won't see this on CNN.

I saw this at You Tube which you won't see on CNN. In it Keoni Choi explains a little about Hawaiian history which is rarely if ever covered in the educational system on the continental U.S.


Hawaiian Kingdom created on or about 1820.

The State of Hawaii was created in 1959.

They don't teach people that in the rest of the states. Unfortunately.

Keoni Choi also mentioned Kau Inoa with which I refuse to register. I am not going to register for some thing when my kupuna taught me that being Hawaiian is in NOT in an ID card. Instead it is in the IWI or bones.

Also note that not all Hawaiians are dark skinned. Some of us are very very fair and/or have light colored eyes.

In addition I totally agree with Keoni Choi when he says, "It's all about the money" because it is. Unfortunately and it is at our land, water, air, and people's expense.

And again... "pro-Hawaiian sovereignty" is not the same thing as "anti-American." Instead it means that we Hawaiians want to determine our present and our future. Das it!

Anyway this video is pretty cool so watch it if you have time: