June 9th, 2006

Chest 10: Brown

Some people are so predictable

Lately someone elsewhere has been posting behind an anonymouse name hiding but what gives them away is the topic. The topic being "annual budget" and "trust fund."

Chances are it's either Derek K and/or Lance Larsen who is posting as anonymous because we have had this discussion before. And yes... I am aware that they will be pursuing jobs in the legal field within the next year or so so I have a feeling they want to work at OHA LOL I am a beneficiary. Therefore I CAN question the lack of the board members from fulfilling their fiduciary duties to ME as special agents. I have a right to do so yet this person whom I think is Lance Larsen LOL is once again posturing himself to try to lead me. NO ONE leads me. That is why I oki.

In any case both of them are law students hehe Some people are too predictable.

If it is one of them then I think they should put their time and/or energy into school because no offense... but I don't listen to people like that... who are still in school and/or who spend hours at MySpace.com mistakenly thinking that they are somehow our "leaders."

They are KIDS LOL

Then again some kids these days are like that.

Therefore I have oki and have nothing to do with them at MySpace though I don't even use that account to post in groups because of you guessed it... KIDS LIKE THEM ACTING STUPID ONLINE LOL

In any case... it gave me an opportunity to mention my BABIES so some good came out of them trying to hide LOL But no... I will not stop writing hehe

Anyway I know that some people stalk my Livejournal. I have an IP tracer.