April 5th, 2006

Pauahi: A Hawaiian Beauty 2

More about Hawaiians

One thing that annoys me is that the media inaccurately portrays Hawaiians. Some times we are even portrayed as monsters which REALLY annoys me but people are fighting for our land which means money to them so I can understand why some people like to dry to de-HUMANize us Hawaiians. Some have the AUDACITY to say that we are anti-American.

In any case some Hawaiians have fought for this country including my uncles three who fought in Vietnam and one in the Korean Conflict. Some continue to do so (fight for America) yet some anti-Hawaiians have the audacity to question us.

Here is another example of Hawaiians. In this case they fight to defend and/or protect the U.S. This time in the National Guard:

From left: Sgt. Lehuanani Halemano put her community college education on hold to serve in Afghanistan. Sgt. Daniel Halemano, a full-time guardsman, helped maintain heavy equipment in Afghanistan. Sgt. 1st Class Colbert Halemano Jr. was a forward artillery observer for a year in Iraq. He returned in January. Sgt. Gilbert Pascua drove trucks for the Guard in Afghanistan. He is married to Colbert and Daniel's sister. Spc. Keoni Halemano, an infantryman, also was in Iraq. Colbert is his father and Lehuanani is his sister.

From http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060405/NEWS08/604050346

Do we get respect from the U.S.? No and it annoys me. It's a double standard where some Hawaiians respect the U.S. yet the U.S. does not respect us nor does it respect the Hawaiian Kingdom. As a citizen of the U.S. and of the Hawaiian Kingdom and as a registered Republican, I'm annoyed by this stupidity.

Worse... some people don't like it when I discuss this because it makes them feel uncomfortable. People like Jere Krischel who did not even fight for the U.S. He tries to censor us Hawaiians which is really annoying because one of the foundations of the U.S. is freedom as well as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The latter being key meaning to people like Jere it's okay for THEM to pursue happiness but if and when Hawaiians do they are somehow wrong? I don't think so. NO Double Standards.


Hawaiian history

Here is an old picture of Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani who later became Queen:

Queen Kapiolani, seated third from left, and Princess Liliuokalani, seated third from right, are photographed in an English garden. They traveled to London in 1887 for Queen Victoria's golden jubilee.


By the way I've noticed that a few people have added me to their Friends List. Thanks for adding me! :) I add in return and leave lots and lots of comments. Lately I haven't been updating daily only because I have been giving my house at HomeHome a facelift.

So far I have had five ceiling speakers installed in my livingroom to surprise my husby, had the carpet measurements done by Lowe's, ordered carpet to replace the old carpet, struggled with replacing the tile with Pergot or with new tile, etc. This is the first house that I have had so it's new to me. Don't get me wrong but I love my Hawaiian culture but in order to survive I choose to adapt plus I'm part Haole too. My grandfather was from Lahaina, Maui and his mother married a Haole man. I have no shame in being Hawaiian and Haole as well as Portuguese and Chinese. That is... I am not ashamed of WHO I AM LOL No one should be. Anyway time to go to Home Depot to choose the new kitchen and breakfast nook lights :)


Illogical, contradictory Jere Krischel strikes again

In one of his latest diatribes... he criticizes Paul Arrighi for not showing any evidence which is far from the truth. In this case he brings up my name which shows how contradictory and illogical he is.

First he defended Ken Conklin PhD and now he is legitimizing my research which proved that Ken Conklin PhD is incorrect:

This is what Ken Conklin wrote about the Hawaiian word "ohana." Note that he amended it but he does not reflect the fact that I, Lana, pointed it out to him that "Ohana" has been in Hawaiian language papers as early as 1834 which proves that "ohana" is NOT a modern invention as he inaccurately claims on his website here inaccurately asserting that the Hawaiian word "ohana" was created in about 1950 when it was not:


I pointed out that the Hawaiian word "ohana" is shown being used as early as in 1834 NOT in 1950 which Ken Conklin tries to deceptively lead people to believe:


I have repeatedly pointed out and will continue to point out that I am NOT the only Hawaiian nor the first Hawaiian who is aware of this... but my name is credited with this discovery.

This is Jere Krischel commending me on showing evidence which implies that I defrocked Ken Conklin PhDs pseudo-intellectualism as it relates to the Hawaiian culture, language, and people. In other words... Jere contradicts himself once again here:

"Well Paul, you keep shoving stuff, but it sure isn't evidence, or reason.

In fact, the only person who has bothered to show any real evidence is our dear friend Lana, who actually found references to "ohana" in 1800's newspapers. You, on the other hand, are clearly in the realm of opinon unfettered by fact, be it stretched interpretations of Springer, constantly shifting definitions of "indigenous", to name a few.

I grant you, the reason is not the same thing as evidence - but reasons have to be based on some sort of foundation, and if someone expresses a reason based on a faulty foundation, it can clearly understood and challenged. It is my contention that if kalani tried to express his reasons for disagreeing with Ken's analysis of Sai's fraud at the Hague, you would find that there was either no foundation at all for his reasoning, or a faulty one.

Jere Krischel | Homepage | 04.05.06 - 6:33 am | #"

That is why he like his puppet master, Ken Conklin PhD, LOSE against people like us. It's because their racism against Hawaiians shines right through and I know people in the states. They do not and will not tolerate that despite what they say about Americans and about Hawaiians. Most people believe in doing what is right instead of doing what is wrong then along comes Ken Conkln PhD and Jere Krischel. Two white men who are evil.

This is how Ken Conklin PhD who is from Boston, Massachusetts now living in Kaneohe, Oahu looks:

From the Honolulu Advertiser

He looks EVIL with an evil smirk on his face. One of my life goals is to stomp out racism against Hawaiians since I am Hawaiian. I cannot help but think if people like Ken Conklin PhD and Jere Krischel are racist against Hawaiians then they are also racist against Hawaiian children which affects me because I care about children including but not limited to Hawaiian children.

Anyway I have contained their evilness called "Conklin-itis." One symptom of this disease is racism against Hawaiians. I know that others are innoculating others from this disease too and so far we have been successful.