March 3rd, 2006


Manao (or "thoughts") about the Native Hawaiian Coalition

"Hookano" wrote this and wow... s/he has very good points. I don't know if the person is male or female because Hawaiian names do not have a gender. For example "Ikaika" can be a name for a boy... or a girl. So can "Hookano" so I cannot tell if the person is male... or female. In any case this person made some good points:

"Lana, it is my understanding that Hawaiians of all different political and culture beliefs are presently involved in the building of this young National Hawaiian Coalition and I say young; this is why all Hawaiians should be involved and make known their manao so we can build some form of coalition and maybe we can unite for the future of our children. It is not about me or you but about the future of our children our history, culture and I really believe our very existence. And as for the Danner’s, I don’t know them and everything I hear is not good but they are Hawaiians and so they should be involved. I don’t support the Akaka bill and I want independence but what have we now? Show me one group that has the support of even 3% of the people? As for OHA they have our money so we should use it. ALL HAWAIIANS SHOULD BE THERE!! SHARE YOUR MANAO AND HELP US UNITE ONCE AND FOR ALL! PUT OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE AND WORK TOGETHER."

Later "kealii" wrote this and also made some good points:

"Ive been active with the coalition now for the last three meetings and have served on one committee. The only group that has seriously taken an interest in bringing the coalition to life is the Order of Kamehameha.

OHA has be running things before this and its made some progress but the concerns that lana has voiced are mainly due to their involvement.
As far as the danners are concerned ive not seen them at any of the meetings i attended.

The main goal now seems to be to get the word out to the public about information concerning the structure of the coalition and its mission statement. This next meeting appears to be the final step in completing that task."

I still refuse to register with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and with the Kau Inoa Native Hawaiian Registry because the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is equal to the State of Hawaii. I do not trust the government but then other Americans do not either lol


On Walter Ritte again

I am not surprised that the local paper had a very small blurb about him but at least they showed a pic of him. That's one of my pet peeves is when they do not show Hawaiians as human beans. I mean as human beings. Also they do not show many pictures of us which annoys me some times so in this example... I am glad that at the very least... they showed a pic of him because it humanizes us but then we are human so it is somewhat redundant though some people do try to de-humanize us but I digress. Here is the article in today's paper about Walter Ritte who is RIGHT ON while a part of the University of Hawaii is PILAU to Hawaiians and to our culture:

Hawaiian activist Walter Ritte led yesterday's protest against University of Hawaii patenting of taro varieties.

In protest of taro patents: Demonstrators contest UH-Manoa rights to three taro varieties

Photos by Cindy Ellen Russell

A crowd of a few hundred people convened yesterday at Bachman Hall on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus to protest UH patents on taro plants.

Hawaiian charter school students performed a hula and built a stone altar, or na mamo o haloa, during the protest. Taro, or kalo, is considered sacred by Hawaiians.

Protesters also presented a letter to UH-Manoa Chancellor Denise Konan requesting that the university relinquish the patents on three varieties of Hawaiian taro plants. A university official has said it would be up to the scientists who own the patents to revoke them.

Hawaiian activist Walter Ritte led yesterday's protest.


Come to think of it... food is sacred to every one in some way. Which reminds me... I am trying to find a recipe for this awesome Vietnamese soup that they serve at Hale Vietnam in Kaimuki. I loved that soup. Still looking for a recipe. If ever in Kaimuki on Oahu... I strongly urge people to check out Hale Vietnam:

My mother introduced me to that restaurant.