January 25th, 2006


Good news: Protecting the iwi (or "bones")

I learned this from Scott C. who has been consistently reliable and accurate so I am reposting this here for educational purposes:

Hawaii County Council passed a resolution on Friday supporting the protection of iwi kupuna, moepu and sacred objects from desecration and destruction.

Here is a copy of it in its entirety:


WHEREAS, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), a federal law enacted in 1990, provides a process for museums and federal agencies to return Native American and Native Hawaiian cultural items, including ancestral remains (iwi kūpuna), funerary objects (moepū), sacred (ceremonial) objects, and cultural patrimony (objects with ongoing historical, traditional, or cultural importance), to their respective lineal descendants, culturally affiliated Indian tribes (including Alaska Natives), and Native Hawaiian organizations; and

WHEREAS, significant Native Hawaiian cultural items were intentionally disturbed and removed from the Kawaihae Cave complex on Hawai‘i Island in 1905 by the David Forbes expedition, without the consent of lineal descendants, and were conveyed to Bishop Museum; and

WHEREAS, in February 2000, Bishop Museum released these cultural items, including among them, carved wooden statuettes of family gods (‘aumakua), a human hair wig (lauoho), and gourds (ipu) with human teeth, which were repatriated to their historical repository on Hawai‘i Island; and

WHEREAS, in August 2005, two claimants to the Kawaihae Cave (Forbes) Collection filed suit in U.S. District Court, petitioning for the return of 83 cultural items to Bishop Museum until issues of repatriation or final disposition are resolved; and

WHEREAS, NAGPRA provides that “[t]he United States district courts shall have jurisdiction over any action brought by any person alleging a violation of this Act and shall have the authority to issue such orders as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of this Act” [25 U.S.C. 3013]; and

WHEREAS, the legislative intent of NAGPRA was to rectify past wrongs and harm committed against native peoples and to protect their ancestral remains and cultural treasures from desecration and destruction; and

WHEREAS, the Council of the County of Hawai‘i recognizes its responsibility to foster greater awareness of and respect for Native Hawaiian cultural values and traditional belief systems among the citizens of Hawai‘i County.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAI‘I that it supports the cultural rights and practices of the Native Hawaiian community to protect its ancestral remains (iwi kūpuna), funerary objects (moepū), sacred objects, and cultural patrimony, in reverence to its kūpuna and on behalf of future generations; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council of the County of Hawai‘i calls upon the parties involved to enter a traditional Hawaiian ho‘oponopono process to resolve and set right this historic matter; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council of the County of Hawai‘i calls for the ancestral remains, funerary objects, sacred objects and cultural patrimony to remain in place until the ho‘oponopono process is determined to be complete; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Clerk of the County of Hawai‘i transmit certified copies of this resolution to the Hawai‘i Island Burial Council; Department of Hawaiian Home Lands; Office of Hawaiian Affairs; State Historic Preservation Division; State Attorney General Mark J. Bennett; the Honorable Linda Lingle, Governor, State of Hawai‘i; the Honorable Harry Kim, Mayor, County of Hawai‘i; the Honorable David A. Ezra, Chief Judge, United States District Court for the District of Hawai‘i; the Honorable Kevin S.C. Chang, Magistrate Judge, United States District Court for the District of Hawai‘i; Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum; Hui Mālama I Nā Kūpuna O Hawai‘i Nei; Royal Hawaiian Academy of Traditional Arts; and Na Lei Ali‘i O Kawananakoa.

DATED: _______________, Hawai‘i, this _________ day of _______________, 2006.



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Kalani Mondoy sets the record straight with Jere Krischel

Just in case people don't know... I consider Kalani Mondoy an expert in genealogy and in being Hawaiian. He happens to be the similar mix as me (Filipino, Chinese, Hawaiian, and Portuguese) whereas I am Haole too while he is Filipino. Anyway below is Kalani Mondoy's response to Jere Krischel:

Jere: "Now kalani, will you join me? Or will you insist that 20mL of koko makes one person different from another?"

Kalani: "I know I haven't been straight up, but for the record I do not go by blood quantum, a Haole concept. Remember Jere, Caucasians are not imposed with Blood Quantum, nor the Chinese, or Japanese or Salvadorians, etc. in the U.S.

But because I have been the family genealogist for nearly 2 decades, have another relative that has been keeping up with the genealogy for more than 2 decades and most importantly come from Hawaiian lineage that preserved Hawaiian genealogies, you should know that "ancestry" is important to me. It is not the same as "blood quantum". BQ is used to exclude whereas ancestry is about origins."

Jere: "Even if raised in the same culture, with the same traditions, with the same family, those 20mL of blood seem to be what is used to separate a certain group out."

Kalani: "Yes, definitely true. Which is something I don't follow. This is evident with hanai."

Jere: "How many generations of bones of my ancestors need to be buried in the islands for me to become oiwi?"

Kalani: "Good question. 'Oiwi in the sense of ke kalu o ka 'aina, a person born in the islands and who has ties to the islands....not much. One, not even one if it implies to some people.

But if you are referring to someone who is descendant of Wakea and Papa whose ties have been in Polynesia for centuries, then we're talking about something different. Unfortunately I don't have time to thumb through the numerous threads which is why I may not answer people's questions or comments all the time if they were directed towards me, but I'd have to say I do question your motives in trying to identify yourself as 'oiwi. I only use that term simply b/c people erroneously use the term "Hawaiian" as a regional term. Not as a NATIONAL one or an ethnic one. And why would you want to call yourself an 'Oiwi?

You mentioned culture & traditions. So is it safe for me to say that you'd prefer 'Oiwi now, not HAWAIIAN which replaced Hawaiian Native because you follow Hawaiian tradition and culture? You LIVE Hawaiian culture and tradition? I mentioned how the culture is a part of me, so I don't see myself "practicing" it, although it was pointed out to me that I was "into" my culture which I responded that I wasn't, but rather I do things b/c it is a part of who I am. So, do you do the same? And if so, why is it that you like to point out "ethnic Hawaiians" and exhibit very pessimistic attitudes akin to Kenneth Conklin?

Jere: "Were the first settlers to the islands oiwi, or only their children, after they were buried?"

Kalani: "'Oiwi, kanaka (the term used before) or kanaka maoli (if you prefer) were all the same. Hawaiian genealogy goes back to Haloa, ka Hawai'i mua loa, or the very first Hawaiian. Wakea and Papa (Haloa's parents) are credited as the progenitors of the Hawaiian people. Yet, we now understand that Wakea and Papa were progenitors for other Polynesians. They were still kanaka in this sense, just not natives to ka pae 'aina o Hawai'i. So, did this make Wakea & Papa 'oiwi as you say? Yes."

Jere: What do you think makes someone "hawaiian" kalani? What do you think makes someone kanaka, or oiwi? If it is not blood, can you give me one example of someone without 20mL of koko traced back to pre-1778 who you consider kanaka or oiwi? Perhaps the adopted son of some kanaka? Or someone who had a blood transplant?

Kalani: "First, you need to just throw out that mentality of BQ entirely. Stop writing 20ml because I know you do not understand what that actually means or are you even aware how much that really is without looking at a bottle of water or some other item that holds liquid? Or did you already do that which explains why you write that all the time? Not to mention any scientist can explain to you how exracting that type (bq) would be impossible if you are looking for a particular type (ie Hawaiian). I assume you know that people are not born with blood in their body that remains stagnent forever and ever, but rather blood is produced in ka iwi.

Since you're not into independence, I don't think I should explain to you what makes someone "Hawaiian". We know how "Hawaiian" has been interpreted and are well aware of how people such as yourself, of which I refer to as part-time Hawaiians who use it whenever they need to in order to prove inclusivity BUT if they need to single us out, then it is an exclusive term. Hence the part-time Hawaiian.

I already explained ancestry/'oiwi/kanaka. As for an adopted son of an 'oiwi, which if I understood you correctly it seems you meant a long, long time ago like the 1800s. I can say that from experience only I have seen others view their ancestor, their FOREIGN ancestor whether adopted or not as a kama'aina. That is not the term that they used though. Kama'aina has a diff. meaning today of course. But whether they viewed their foreign ancestor as a native ('oiwi) or not, you do realize that the issue one that doesn't exist because 1) their descendants have mixed with other 'oiwi and 2) their intent was not about becoming 'oiwi or using 'oiwi to single out people as in what you have been doing.

I think that is what's confusing about you Jere. You flip-flop on the issue when it comes to your SELF-identification. If you want to give the impression to others that you are HAWAIIAN, that's one thing. But to do that and yet berate Hawaiians, that really doesn't make sense."

Finding Nemo: Something Wrong With You

My mana o about Senator Daniel Akaka and the The Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act

In an article in today's paper, Senator Akaka implied that if he is not re-elected and if Ed Case is elected for his seat then he predicts the The Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act Senate Bill 147 aka "THE Akaka Bill" will falter. First of all, he seems to base his entire career as a senator on one bill named after him. That seems very boastful to me. My question is... instead of focusing on passing the "Akaka Bill" shouldn't he be focusing on HELPING Hawaiians too. I state "too" because he helps other people. Why not help Hawaiians?

And I do not mean that the "Akaka Bill" helps Hawaiians because IT DOES NOT. Instead the Akaka Bill allows the U.S. government and some individuals as well as some corporations to profit off of us Hawaiians AFTER claiming that they "officially" recognize us all at the expense of American taxpayers which I wholeheartedly disagree with. That's not the only reason why I am against the Akaka Bill. Another reason is because the Akaka Bill tries to define us and tries to define our destiny which I do NOT appreciate. It's very disrespectful to me and to my na au.

More importantly it does NOT protect the iwi. How can a government who helped to try to destroy the iwi protect it? It can't. Thus my stance. I do not and will not trust the U.S. government when it comes to protecting the iwi. In the past representatives of our government (the U.S. government) have given their word to our kupuna and they did not keep their word so how do they expect me to trust them? Seriously... I do not trust some people in our government (the U.S. government) ESPECIALLY with our iwi. Noooooooooooooo way.

That is why I am shocked that Senator Akaka is trying to ALLOW the U.S. government to have any say in the iwi. Noooooooooooooooo way. I do not care how rich and/or powerful those people are. It's morally WRONG to allow them to even come close to the iwi. Thus my stance against the Akaka Bill. That is... I will NOT allow them anywhere near the iwi. Do they respect that? NO. In fact to date they have not asked ALL of the 401,062 or so Hawaiians that exist in the world today for their opinion about the Akaka Bill which is also morally wrong but I digress.

Anyway here is the article:

Collapse )


More of my mana o about Senator Daniel Akaka

Another thing that pisses me off about Senator Daniel Akaka is that he voted to allow arctic drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

An excerpt:

"Hawai'i's senators aligned themselves with Republicans in the Senate yesterday in a historic 51-49 vote to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Democratic Sens. Dan Inouye and Daniel Akaka were joined by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., in the coalition with 48 Republicans to override an attempt by other Democrats and moderate Republicans to remove a provision in next year's budget that would allow drilling in the refuge."

Seen at http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/Mar/17/ln/ln25p.html

Then in the roll call Akaka voted "Nay" which opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to arctic drilling:

Seen here: http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=109&session=1&vote=00052

Someone in today's newspaper pointed this out:

It's time for Akaka to step aside

Senator Akaka is a good man for whom I have voted. But at the age of 81, it really is time for him to step aside. The most surprising thing about Ed Case's move is that it surprised Senator Inouye.

Oh yes, and about both Hawaii senators voting for Arctic drilling -- their votes clearly were against the wishes of their constituents. That wasn't OK.

E.A. Connors

Seen at http://starbulletin.com/2006/01/25/editorial/letters.html

Therefore my mana o is that Senator Akaka does not deserve to be re-elected. Why? Because as a senator... he didn't listen to the will of the people regarding drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which is a threat to everyone nor does/did he listen to Hawaiians regarding the Akaka Bill. Just saying.

My vote for Senator Daniel Akaka: Thumbs down... even if he is Hawaiian too.


More on Jere Krischel and on Ken Conklin

Jere Krischel and Ken Conklin have managed to tag team in order to push their racist-against-Hawaiians agenda. Here is an excerpt of a discussion between Kalani and I:

Kalani to Jere Krischel: "You flip-flop on the issue when it comes to your SELF-identification. If you want to give the impression to others that you are HAWAIIAN, that's one thing. But to do that and yet berate Hawaiians, that really doesn't make sense."

Me: A few points:

1. Jere Krischel describes himself as a Hawaiian and as a scholar here:

"As a Hawaiian, from an island chain with a legacy of many cultures melding together, I am proud of the example of our land. When people from the mainland talk about a "melting pot", they usually mean you can get any kind of ethnic food within 15 miles of home - people in Hawai`i mean you can get any kind of ethnic food within 15 feet of one kitchen, or within 15 inches of one plate.

As a scholar, I also have a strong interest in Hawaiian history, which has been further sparked by my recent participation in the debate over the issues of the 1893 overthrow, race-based government programs in Hawai`i, and the impending Akaka Bill. My father, Walter Benavitz, was a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, and participated in the 1987 tour of the Hokule`a. My school, Punahou, was a place of history drawing back to 1841 with a strong Hawaiian studies component."

Seen at http://morganreport.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Jere_Krischel#Who_is_Jere_Krischel.3F

It has already been shown that Jere Krischel lied about being Hawaiian and being an expert in IT does not correlate to being a scholar.

2. On this page we see that Ken Conklin is behind the posting (online) of the Morgan Report:


3. On both of his websites http://www.kenconklin.org and on http://www.morganreport.org he does not explicitly state who is behind either or both of these websites which leads me to conclude that he is based on deception.

4. Then he decribes himself as "human" while asserting that he is Hawaiian here at Scott C's site:

"Direct descent - Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, German, Irish, French.

Extended family - Portuguese, Kanaka maoli, Jewish, Russian, African, Lebanese, and Native American.

But if asked what my race is, I am human, just like everyone else."

Seen at http://morganreport.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Jere_Krischel#Who_is_Jere_Krischel.3F

On his wikipedia bio page, he describes his self-identification and how he has every right to call himself "Hawaiian" yet he identified his ethnicities. Huh? What happened to being color blind or... non-race based as he has asserted here, there, and elsewhere?

When he claims that he is "human" as well as claiming that he prefers a "color blind" society while describing himself as "Direct descent - Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, German, Irish, French"... it doesn't make sense. What happened to being color blind??? Or... race blind as he asserts? Like you stated... he seems to flip flop.

My unofficial opinion of Jere Krischel is that he is another Bad Seed. Stopping his racist-against-Hawaiian agenda is a challenge... BUT I have hope and faith in the goodness of people... because Hitler was eventually stopped. Jere Krischel will be stopped too. If not already. That is... the past is prologue.

Also I have discovered a new disease. It's called CONKLINitis named after Ken Conklin and is a strain of "Racism Against Hawaiians." Upon infection, the individual suffers from trying to revise other people's history based on their racism against them... in order to dismiss their existence. One symptom is hypocrisy. Another one is twisting kernels of truth in order to continue their racism especially against Hawaiians.


Courtesy of Kamanaha

This guy, Kamanaha, seems like a cool Hawaiian dude. Again... not ALL Hawaiian men are pricks. In this case... I appreciate Kamanaha for posting this info at Scott C's website and am reposting this for educational purposes. If you can attend PLEASE do so. You do NOT have to be Hawaiian to attend. It's tomorrow. Feel free to attend. Mahalo:

The Facts:

The truth behind the Kawaihae Burial Caves and the moepu.

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2006
Time: 9:30 - 1:00
Where: U. H. Campus Center


9:30 Jon Osorio PhD, Director of Kamakakokalani, Center for Hawaiian Studies
10:00 Vicky Holt-Takamine, President of lioulaokalani
10:30 Andre Perez, Native Hawaiian Practitioner
11:00 Keoni Kuoha, Native Hawaiian Practitioner
11:30 Kawika Tengan, Ph.d of Anthropology
12:00 Edward Halealoha Ayau, Esq. (tentative)

Mahalo to Kamanaha. See... got PLENNY cool Hawaiian men.

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More on Ken Conklin

I just recently discovered this new page where he describes himself as Hawaiian by stating "He Hawaii au:"

"He hawai'i au.

'A'ohe o'u koko Hawai'i 'oiwi. Aka, nui ko'u aloha i ka po'e Hawai'i 'oiwi, a me na po'e a pau, noho ana ma Hawai'i nei. 'A'ole au i hanau ma Hawai'i; aka, ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina 'umikumaha makahiki aku nei. O keia ko'u home pu'uwai mau a mau. Ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina; a laila, ua hanai ia'u na akua a me ka 'aina.

Eia ka'u mele:

(I keia po eia au me 'oe;
keia po ua ho'i mai au)

He loa ka helena
Ma ke alahele
E huli wahi ma keia ao.

Maopopo au, ua 'ike ho'i
Ka home i loko o ku'u pu'uwai.

Ua ho'i mai au
Ke 'ike nei au,

'A'ole au e auwana hou;
Ke maopopo —


Retrieved from "http://morganreport.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Ken_Conklin

I have no problem with anyone writing in Hawaiian but whoa. He just described that he is Hawaiian when he is not. When he states "He Hawaii au" that is what he is telling people... that he is Hawaiian when in fact he is not.

TO ME... this is very disrespectful to the Hawaiian people and again... it does not and will not go unnoticed by me.

It is wrong on so many levels. A few mana o:

1. He is lying. That is... he is not Hawaiian. He is not Hawaiian by koko nor by iwi nor is he Hawaiian by nationality as in a citizen of the Nation of Hawaii.

2. By using the Hawaiian language to describe himself as Hawaiian he is trying to redefine what and who a Hawaiian is. Does he look Hawaiian? Well there is no way of knowing unless we look at his iwi because being Hawaiian is in the iwi. Again... another attempt to try to dismiss the Hawaiian people by trying to define HIMSELF as a Hawaiian.

3. Notice how he is writing in the Hawaiian language. The problem is that he is trying to twist the Hawaiian language (or "olelo oiwi") and redefine the meanings of some words. To me... this is disrespectful not only to the Hawaiian culture but also to the Hawaiian language and also to the Hawaiian people.

Also... that picture is at least 20 or 30 years old. Can we say d-e-c-e-p-t-i-o-n?


Kalani Mondoy

Kalani Mondoy is someone whom I consider an expert in genealogy as well as in being Hawaiian. This is one of his articles that he wrote about Ken Conklin which includes some information about the Hawaiian language:

Ken Conklin the biggest liar

I've always said he was luciferic, trying to pretend he is the great "white" hope. He easily deceives people to a point where he has attracted followers. Not a lot, but let me tell you his pupil is learning fast! 'O 'Umiamaka 'o Kenneth Conklin!

So he writes this in his page.


He attempts to write in Hawaiian. lol And yes, he did that to make people believe that he can be "Hawaiian".

"He hawai'i au.

'A'ohe o'u koko Hawai'i 'oiwi. Aka, nui ko'u aloha i ka po'e Hawai'i 'oiwi, a me na po'e a pau, noho ana ma Hawai'i nei. 'A'ole au i hanau ma Hawai'i; aka, ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina 'umikumaha makahiki aku nei. O keia ko'u home pu'uwai mau a mau. Ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina; a laila, ua hanai ia'u na akua a me ka 'aina."

Translation: I'm Hawaiian. I don't have native Hawaiian blood, but I really do love native Hawaiians and everyone else living in Hawaii. I wasn't born in Hawai'i however I was raised in these islands [for] 11 years. This is [where] my heart, my home will be forever. I was raised in these islands therefore the gods and the land raised me.

I bolded and highlighted the English word "raised" because he kept using the Hawaiian word "hanai". Hanai mean to feed, but in the Hawaiian language it is used to mean "to raise" as in child rearing. Hawaiian concept is....NOHO, which is to live or to stay. Check this out:

Ua noho au ma GLENDALE no 12 makahiki.

That means I have lived in Glendale for 12 yrs.

Ua noho au ma L.A. no 16 makahiki.

That means I have lived in LA for 16 yrs.

Why "noho"? Because "noho" is the term to mean where you have dwelt in or where you're living or currently at. What does "hanai" mean in his sentence? In a "Hawaiian" concept, it means that one was raised with all the mores or customs/traditions that is considered the norm in a particular area for any said group of people. The concept of "hanai" doesn't apply to someone who moves from one place to another as an adult and have "assimilated". There is the word "kemua" or "ho'okemua", which is to assimilate, to become one or similar that which is in the environment. There is keiki hanai, which is an adopted child, and granted that adults can be adopted by a family, Ken is implying that he was "adopted" into the Hawaiian culture. Not only is that false, but it doesn't work that way in the Hawaiian thinking. At least not the way that he'd like everyone to think.

I don't care if adults move to the islands and become very HAWAIIANIZED and well versed in the culture. Whether they learn it from various people or a particular family who has considered them "family", that doesn't mean that in the Hawaiian language, you were "hanai". It is obvious that Ken is using the pidgin definition of "hanai" which becomes "to adopt" when he writes in Hawaiian. They're not the same. Hanai keiki or hanai kama is to adopt a child. Hanai alone...it's pretty much the definition and explanation as I mentioned previously.

Then he attempts to haku mele or compose a typical poetical song common in our culture that commemorates practically anything. It makes me wonder, what really is the message he wants to get across to everyone? He composes this with a Haole mentality from what I can tell. Not a true Hawaiian thought. Odd because I just read something I meant to post awhile back that mentions the preservation of the Hawaiian language and the issue of how some people speak Hawaiian but with a non-Hawaiian thought, which is exactly what Ken has been doing.

"Eia ka'u mele:

(I keia po eia au me 'oe;
keia po ua ho'i mai au)

He loa ka helena
Ma ke alahele
E huli wahi ma keia ao.

Maopopo au, ua 'ike ho'i
Ka home i loko o ku'u pu'uwai.

Ua ho'i mai au
Ke 'ike nei au,

'A'ole au e auwana hou;
Ke maopopo —


Retrieved from "http://morganreport.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Ken_Conklin"


Here's my song
This evening, here I am with you
this evening, I have returned
The journey is a long one
(I) will return (to the) place today
I understand, now I know
the home (is) within my heart

I have returned
I see (or know) now

I won't stray again
if understood (?)


I forgot to post this letter written by Laura Manuel-Arrighi about Hui Malama I Na Kupuna

I don't know why I didn't post this but I forgot to post this letter written by Laura Manuel-Arrighi. I agree with her on so many levels:

Ayau is a victim of religious persecution

The arrest of Eddie Ayau, of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai'i Nei, is likened to an act of religious persecution for practicing ones' spiritual calling and beliefs. Auwe!

Auwe that those who applaud this act further perpetuate divisiveness that is devastating to the kanaka maoli. Pray that our descendants don't only know us through a museum display.

Shame on these same folks who believe themselves above the desire and intent of our ancestors, who condone stealing from our ancestors! These same people preach Hawaiian values while they condone thoughts opposite that of kanaka maoli.' Auwe!

Laura K. Manuel-Arrighi

Seen at http://starbulletin.com/2005/12/29/editorial/letters.html