January 22nd, 2006


A Muse


"Forbes stole artifacts and iwi... and Ayau goes to jail. How you like that one LOL Only in America...."

Also Kalani wrote this about LoLo with his name tagged which will probably show up via Google LOL:

When stupid gets even more stupid; Kapihe

Ok, so from that post where LoLo had posted about the iwi which I mentioned previously, he really is so fucking annoying. I don't know what is more annoying, he trying to play the devil's advocate just to make himself look like the fucking wannabe puppet master, or those that know him accepting him for being the fucking idiot.

He writes in response to someone responding how the desecration of the iwi was done due to the taking of mana (which it was) with:

Thanks, so its ok to desecrate iwi, so long as you are doing it on purpose or trying to suck the mana out of them? Or its ok to display someones iwi as long as it was "done in knowing desecration"? So if BM just decided to display iwi with the intention of sucking out the mana, then it would be ok? Or is there something else going on here? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

What a fucking dumb ass! So he is applying the colonistic attitude and mentality thinking that, or implying that it is ok to desecrate on purpose? So stupid.

If he remembers (which he's too stupid to know this) there was the kaula (prophet) named Kapihe. It was Kapihe who predicted Hawaii's unification and the downfall of the Hawaiian religion. He (Kapihe) said, "E hui ana nā moku, e hiolo ana nā kapu, e iho mai ana ko ka lani, e pi'i aku ana ko ka honua i ka lani." That means, the islands will unite, the tapu system will be overturned, that which are in the heavens will come down and that which are on the earth will rise up. The last part, the heavens coming downn and the earth coming up are the result of the tabu system, the class system, everyone becoming equal.

Back in those days, it was the heavenly ones, the chiefly ones (ka lani) that possessed the mana. The higher the tabu, the more godlike the ali'i (chief) was, therefore their mana was godlike. So it was no surprise to have a chief who slained their enemy try to either humiliate them by using parts of their body, preferably their iwi which possessed mana being used as ornaments. The chief Kalanikupule's iwi was used in the kahili that came into the possession of Queen Emma. I know that they had an announcement looking for lateral descendants to claim it, if they did.

So for that idiot to apply that thought that it's ok if the intent is on purpose is fucking ridiculous! Hello, we do not live in that class system anymore. The prophecy came true, those who were godlike (of the heavens), that would be the ali'i and those of the earth, the maka'ainana (the commoners) were no longer different classes, but rather all the same. Therefore, why desecrate one's iwi? Do we have people who try to actually take one's mana? No!

So the other guy replied to this dumb ass with this:

no one said it was okay. why are you asking if any of those things are okay. they are all wrong and it was never pono to desecrate... even in old hawai'i. i don't see what your saying since those 'points' you think you have are all things that proper burial of iwi and moepu are against. these are things someone would do to desecrate, once again, it was never OK. just like it is not Ok now. so if your trying to establish a premise that it was done before so why not now, then i think i need to tell you that it was wrong before as well.

The idiot replies by saying that he was just asking questions and clarifying, which is sooo fucking obvious, he isn't. He's just being a fucking smart ass.

Such harsh language *L* Anyway I told him about Google and how his name will pop up if it's tagged as such. Does he care? Apparently not LOL

My unofficial not so super duper opinion of the person to whom Kalani is referring and guys like him? They are the epitome of Asshole Hawaiian Men. However in defense of non-Asshole Hawaiian Men who compose the overwhelming majority of Hawaiian men... my best-est friend in the whole wide world IS Hawaiian as in oiwi. So is my second best-est friend in the world. Both are non-Assholes and non-Asshole Hawaiian Men. I am soooo grateful for them and I am soooooooooo lucky to have them in my life. They are totally totally awesome!

ANYWAY... the good news? They (Asshole Hawaiian Men) only account for about .3% of the total Hawaiian population. Unscientific of course LOL


Chinese New Year

This picture reminds me of when I was a child:

The Year of the Rooster ends and the Year of the Dog begins a week from today.

Photo by Andrew Shimabuku. Seen at http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060122/NEWS01/601220340/1001/NEWS

Kung Hee Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

I'm glad to be part Chinese too. If only I could get some gau. Last time I made my own it didn't work out right. Oh well. I can wish for some gau.


A Muse Ing

Earlier today I received an email from someone. In it it said:

"scott & lance mentioned u lmao"

It does not surprise me. The thing is that I guess Scott has not been forthcoming about him asking me to sleep over at his place BEFORE asking about my marital status LOL I mean really... a man would admit to his faults. In this case they are discussing me. However they are NOT discussing the fact that Scott asked me to sleep over. Perhaps that is why he is so bitter and angry LOL

Seriously. He goes on and on about crazy Internet people. Uh HELLO. Asking me to sleep over at your place BEFORE asking me for my marital status is crazy. Just saying.

Unfortunately a small handful of Hawaiian men are pricks especially to Hawaiian women who marry Haole men such as myself. However as I have always stated online and offline I will not and I do not make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done.

The sad reality is that there is a very small minority of Hawaiian men who are somewhat insecure . Perhaps insecure is not the word but if and when a Hawaiian woman dates and/or marries a Haole dude they treat us differently. These are of course the Asshole Hawaiian Men who are pricks. Again a very tiny percentage of Hawaiian Men as two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world are Hawaiian men. People like Scott and Lance need to get over themselves. They not THAT great. If they were they would be in long term relationships and/or a long term marriage. Then again my theory is that they dunno how to treat Hawaiian women and it shows.

Then again they have to try to puff themselves up right? You know... try to make themselves look good... and/or bad ass when all they look like is ASS. How? Because I am older than them. Getting in touch with their Hawaiian roots? Know their Hawaiian roots? Yeah right. They don't respect their Hawaiian elders nor a Hawaiian woman both of why are integral within the Hawaiian culture. It's like slapping Hina's face. How embarrassing. Fortunately not all Hawaiians are like that. Just saying.