December 30th, 2005

Finding Nemo: Dude!

Hui Malama

Another discussion simply because Eddie Ayau of Hui Malama was recently remanded to federal custody and if he does not tell the judge where he returned the bones and artifacts then he will remain in jail INDEFINITELY. Therefore I have to keep writing about him because by writing about him it keeps his name alive and this him alive and if I was protecting the iwi and/or the oiwi then was subsequently jailed for doing so... then I would want someone to remember ME. Anyway this is a recent discussion that I had with Jere Krischel who is another Umiamaka (i.e. a deceiver:)

Jere: "Hui Malama has no right to unilaterally decide how things should be protected. They have ignored the rule of law and the objects of other oiwi groups, and should be punished for their arrogance."

Me: You are wrong. Hui Malama has EVERY right to protect the iwi and/or the oiwi. Have you even bothered to read their information instead of the information printed in the Starbulletin and in the Advertiser?

Let me guess... you base your conclusion on what is printed in the local papers without gathering data from a variety of sources.

From their website:

Collapse )


Provide ancestral and living Native Hawaiians with traditional interment and reinterment services.

Provide cultural and legal oversight of Federal, State, and County laws affecting Native Hawaiian burial sites, skeletal remains, and burial goods.

Help nourish the overall growth of traditional Native Hawaiian cultural beliefs and practices so as to plant the seeds for our future.

Repatriate all ancestral Native Hawaiian remains, burial objects, sacred objects, and cultural patrimony.

From their website at

Jere: "They are NOT sharing."

Me: You're right. They are RETURNING the items to where they belong as they protect the iwi and/or the oiwi as they see fit. Each and every Hawaiian has a right to do so.

Jere: "It would be like me borrowing your car, then hiding it from you because I want to help protect your car's paint job. It is not pono.

Me: It's not in their possession, Jere. In addition what is NOT pono is Bishop Museum profiting off of MY kupuna. Note in their 2004 Annual Report seen here on page 20 of 23 pages

that they made ALOT of money off of my kupuna.

In addition what is NOT pono is that Bishop Museum charges me approximately $14.95 to look at MY kupuna belonging:

In addition... what is NOT pono is that these items were stolen from a cave by a Haole dude.

THESE are not pono.

On the other hand, Eddie Ayau and others like him are PONO for trying to protect the iwi and the oiwi. I fully support him for doing so and it's totally cool that he is doing so.

And this one:

Me: In addition, Suganuma and Kawananakoa have the right to sue Hui Malama BUT Ayau has rights too. And again... I FULLY support him for trying to protect the iwi and/or the oiwi. To me he is a great great man for doing so.


Rare Forbes Documents

Here is a copy of an email that was sent to me from Kalani via Kikiloi Kekuewa who is the only mean Hawaiian to me ever. However the content of his email is very very important to me.

I prefaced it with this:

"I have blinded all email addresses to everyone who I am sending this forwarded information to. Please read it because I fully support Hui Malama and Eddie Ayau's attempts to protect the iwi. Something that is very very important to me. Please read:"

I will also be forwarding copies of these documents to my senators in three different states.

Here is the content. Please read and forward the information to others. Mahalo!:

Subject: Information on the Kawaihae Burial Caves

Aloha to the Native Hawaiian Community,

Attached are a series of articles and documents to help clear up this misinformation being spread by media concerning the lawsuit against the Bishop Museum and Hui Malama i na Kupuna o Hawai'i nei. Please take the time to read these items and educate your ohana on the issue. These documents will make it clear that they are indeed funerary objects associated with human remains. It will also become clear that this robbery in 1905 was illegal even by Territorial standards at the time and that Bishop Museum is clearly implicated in purchasing stolen iwi (human remains) and moepu (funerary objects).

Attached are:

1. An article written by Forbes himself in 1909 and published in the Paradise of the Pacific giving a detailed account of his robbery of the cave and the human remains he witnesses in context with the funerary objects.

2.Correspondance between Forbes and Brigham, Director of the Bishop Museum on Nov. 7, 1905, going over the items retrieved from the Kawaihae Burials Cave soliciting the sale of these items.

3.Reply correspondance between Brigham and Forbes on Nov. 11, 1905, admitting that this action is illegal with severe laws governing burial caves and that they should keep the matter private.

4. A estimate issued by the Museum on November 21, 1905 appraising the value of the stolen items at $472.00

Please disseminate this information through our community by forwarding them to your email lists. Let the truth be known.

Ola na iwi,
Kekuewa Kikiloi

I've uploaded the information here. Please read!

Click here to see rare Forbes Documents

Also please forward it to others to read. Mahalo!

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Finding Nemo: Keep Swimming #2

Jere Krischel strikes again

Hawaiians are still under attack. Another exchange between Jere and I:

Jere: "So you get money for assassinating the character of those who disagree with you? What kind of business model do you run on? Is this like tabloid journalism?"

Me: No... I don't make ANY money off of Hawaiians nor off of the iwi. In fact that is why it is a NON-PROFIT organization. I make NO profit.

Jere: "How many times do you make gross generalities about what oiwi should think, feel, act and do?"

Me: I don't. I just happen to know thousands of Hawaiians and share some of their mana o. For example, according to you... all students at Kamehameha Schools are/were wealthy. Have you even attended Kamehameha? I didn't think so. Instead... you assume and make gross generalizations going so far as implying that Hawaiians are money grubbers off the U.S. government when in fact not all of them are.

Jere: "How many times to you apply the stereotypes of victimhood to all oiwi?

Me: That's the Haole way of thinking. That anyone who speaks up is a "victim." However you may want to look at Captain Cook. He was slaughtered. Victimhood? PLEASE... think again.

Note that some Hawaiians killed Captain James Cook at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii on or about February 14, 1779 which is depicted in this picture:



Petition to protect Kawaihae Burial Caves by Kekuewa Kikiloi

I am posting it here via Kalani from Kekuewa Kikiloi:

First of all read the rare Forbes documents here:

I've uploaded the copy of the petition called "Petition to protect Kawaihae Burial Caves" here:

Print a copy of it then

sign and send the petition to:

Kekuewa Kikiloi
Kamakakuokalani, Center for Hawaiian Studies
University of Hawaii
2645 Dole Street
Honolulu HI 96822

Note that you do NOT have to be Hawaiian to sign this petition. In addition, by signing then sending this petition to Kekuewa Kikiloi you (and any one else who signs it with you) are helping Hawaiians so MAHALO in advance :-)

Of course I will be signing it and obtaining additional signatures then sending my copy to Kekuewa Kikiloi. PLEASE do the same by next Friday if at all possible. MAHALO in advance.

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