December 18th, 2005


In defense of Hawaiian women... and of Hawaiian men

Someone had mentioned how terrible it is that Malcolm K. was hewa in stating that protecting the Hawaiian language is more important than protecting Hawaiian men, women, and children when it comes to domestic violence. She also mentioned the lack of Hawaiian feminist writing as well as a lack of support for feminism with Hawaiian women which surprises me because I am one of many Hawaiian women who are obviously feminist LOL Though I am not a femi-Nazi here is an excerpt of my response to her:

1. Well I read what Malcolm and Jere wrote and personal responsibility seems to be lost when discussing domestic violence or drug abuse. These Hawaiians have a choice yet they choose to be violent to others and/or to take drugs. This is addressed in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. In fact Haunani Apoliona just did it again recently addressing Hawaiians at the State of OHA Address:

Also it is not up to Hawaiian sovereignty to stop the physical and/or mental abuse of men, women, and children. It takes men and women on the individual level to stop it. To blame the sovereignty group or... to blame Hawaiians for what a few or a handful of Hawaiians do is unjust to those Hawaiians who do not take part in domestic violence. Why make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done?

2. Sorry but I have to defend Hawaiian men and Hawaiian women in this case. I disagree with you on the lack of feminist writing. A quick look at [sic] shows signs of feminist writings.

Wakea Papa, Kaahumanu, Pele, Hiiaka, Haunani Apoliona, Haunani Kay Trask, Terri Kekoolani, and Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa are examples of the feminism then and now.

Also J. Kehaulani Kauanui PhD has written numerous articles which have appeared in the American Indian Quarterly, Amerasia Journal, Women's Studies International Forum, Pacific Studies, The Contemporary Pacific, and Social Text:

As for the paradigm shift... Hawaiian women ARE speaking out then and now... and have for centuries. Keanu Sai And Derek K. do not even try to silence Hawaiian women nor does Scott Crawford because they recognize the part Hawaiian women play. What it comes down to is personal responsibility. Hawaiian or non-Hawaiian individuals are responsible for taking part in domestic violence or not and for taking part in speaking up... or not. Also studies have shown that most women return to their batterers so it's not just Hawaiian men and I have to defend Hawaiian men because not all Hawaiian men are alike. Sure you have bad ones... but I wouldnt want the innocent ones to pay for what the guilty have done....

3. Also you mention that Hawaii cannot be free until its women are.

Sometimes these women have to free themselves.
That is where personal responsibility comes in.


About a possible memorial for Hawaiians who signed the Ku E Anti-Annexation Petition

Hewa (pronounced "heh-vah") can mean:

"Mistake, fault, error, sin, blunder, defect, offense, guilt, crime, vice; wrong, incorrect, wicked, sinful, guilty; to err, miss, mismanage, fail, mis-."

Question posed by someone else: "Do we correct past wrongs by inflicting injustice on the majority of people in Hawai'i alive today?"

My response: Exactly... and the source of all this hewa-ness is the small group of rich haole dudes.

Their selfish actions affects Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians today so it's difficult to resolve such an injustice. To resolve it with more injustice makes it even more hewa. Thus the Catch-22 of being Hawaiian (as in oiwi).... Also if a Hawaiian dare speaks up of this injustice they are mistakenly viewed as anti-American when they are really being anti-hewahewa. Or worse... as a "militant" as though we are gonna shoot people or something.


Sorry so big: Waikiki

Sorry so big:

Waikiki Beach

I'll be Home for the entire month of August. I cannot wait. The first thing I'll do as usual is squint so that I cannot see the concrete, the people pollution, as well as the uku million cars as much. The second is hide... then eat aku palu, ake, oio, papa i, limu poke, shoyu poke, and poi *drool* asap and no... I no like eat malasadas from Leonard's Bakery LOL Though I really like their tea cakes (my favorite there) *drool* I remember every Sunday my father used to buy pastries (like glazed donuts, sugar donuts, and tea cakes) from the now-defunct 9th Avenue Bakery. Those were the days! :-)

Well I'll be working out at Gold's Gym as usual. Last time Alan Ichinose asked my buffed Haole blue-eyes-and-blonde hair husband if he had a bicep tear. He seemed cool to me. I also saw newscaster Shawn Ching working out. Again... the island of O ahu is only so small *LOL* Well it's not my time yet but one day I will be ready. Right now I have to finish some things. I predict it will take me another five years but I need to slay some dragons before I can stay at Home.

Anyway Google is really picking up my Livejournal. I looked under "how Hawaiians look," "pictures of Hawaiians," "Ken Conklin," "Jere Krischel," etc and it pops up near the top of the list... which could be good... or bad lol The irony? I write about Hawaii and Hawaiians... yet when doing a search for either of these terms ("Hawaii" or "Hawaiians") using Google my Livejournal does NOT pop up *L*