November 19th, 2005


Does writing have a gender?

Someone posted this comment in halfasians:

"The owner of the website has an obvious chip on his shoulder, so take the info there with a grain of salt...and don't take his anger at part-asians that use the term "hapa" personally. :) I can understand his feelings a little though, considering it's not from our heritage at all, but most definitely belongs to his."

First of all... uh... I'm female and uh secondly... I'm one eighth Chinese (as well as three eighths Hawaiian.) I really don't understand how the woman thought that I was male. Do I write like a male? *LOL* More importantly... does writing have a gender? :O

Well I was nice about it. I just stated:

"Sorry for the confusion... but 1) it's a she and 2) she's also one eighth Chinese (Canton.)"

But this makes me wonder, "Does writing have a gender?" Just a thought.

Also I really really REALLY miss aku palu. Ugh... and it makes me wonder... when will I be able to have aku palu again? Well thinking about aku palu makes me salivate. I miss it so much. Boohoohoooo.


One pic

My sister sent this to me. When I first saw it it looked like it was a pic of me when I was younger... and it scared me LOL It's a pic of my middle niece "Moon Face." She is in a school for brainy kids. Well in this pic she looks a lot like me except I have long blondish hair. It scares me when I look at this pic because she looks ALOT like me. She is also SMART like me hehe I'm joking. But wow... this is how I kinda look. Sorry so big:

She is more Haole than I am since her father is Haole while my father (her grandfather) is Haole, Chinese, and Hawaiian but she looks so much like me in this picture. Her personality is a lot like mine too. I'll post pics of my other nieces and nephew too but wow... this picture shocked me so much I had to throw it up here.

Well in Haole terms she is about 3/16ths Hawaiian. (My sister and I are 3/8ths Hawaiian in Haole terms.) Well there is no such thing as "blood quantum" in the Hawaiian culture and is only used to describe who she is in Haole terms. More importantly she is Hawaiian irrelevant of her blood quantum. She is also 1/16ths Chinese which you can kind of see in her eyes LOL

Anyway fortunately my sister gave her children all Hawaiian first names as they have a Haole last name. That is why one cannot go by the name nor the face when detecting who is Hawaiian... or not though I must admit that I thought that one of my friends F.T. was not Hawaiian when he is but he REALLY looks and talks like a Haole. More than I do. Then again... who am I to talk? When I talk to him... I REALLY sound Haole too *LOL*

Note that the man in the back is not her father nor is that my sister's house in the back. There are two other kids with her that attend the same brainy school and I did not want to show their pics since I did not get permission to post their pic here.

More pics soon.