October 23rd, 2005


Regarding Michelle Malkin

I had to contact her today after Kalani wrote about her in one of his posts today. This is what I wrote to her:

"I've read this entry of yours which seems extremely ignorant: http://michellemalkin.com/archives/003737.htm

First of all, Caucasians compose approximately 74% of the total population in the U.S., followed by 12.5% Hispanic or Latino, 12.3% Blacks/African Americans, 3.6% Asians, and .9% Native American excluding Hawaiians. Hawaiians comprise approximately .1% of the total population in the U.S.:


Obviously Hawaiians are the minority of minorities. When you write about "apartheid" that shows how ignorant you are of us as Caucasians comprise the most power, 74% of the total population in the U.S. NOT HAWAIIANS.

Secondly, Hawaii was a nation that was illegally overthrown by the U.S. In addition the Kamehameha Schools was in existence PRIOR to statehood in 1959.

Please... stop showing your ignorance. It's annoying when I read other conservatives embarass other conservatives with their ignorance. I also suggest that you actually READ about Hawaiian history before going on diatribes about the Hawaiian people. A good start would be "Shoal of Time" by Ralph Kuykendall but please please please... for the sake of other [sic] female Republicans... do not shame us with your ignorance. Thank you."

Of course my annoyance level increases whenever pseudo-intellectuals bash Hawaiians while spreading ignorance about Hawaiians. It really annoys me.


About Ken Conklin: Hope I made some people laugh


Someone else: "Ken, if you had actually said "respondents to the question" you would be right. But you didn't, now did you?""

Me: Well he does have a tendency to twist the truth. At the University of Washington we learn about "statistical significance" and 22% is statistically significant. Also I as a tax payer expect people with PhDs who teach to be as accurate and precise as possible. However since he is racist against Hawaiians it does NOT surprise me that he twists the truth to try to get others to bash and/or be racist against Hawaiians too.

{oopsie}print his letters and/or material in favor of bashing Hawaiians since he and other property owners fear the loss of their property which is unfounded but personally... I don't buy the "they printed it incorrectly." If he asks for a correction then perhaps I will believe Uncle Kenny. However I fully expect him to leave that letter as it stands. Why? Because that is his true colors. Full of hate for the Hawaiian people. That letter reveals that hatred.

Someone else: "I am attacking your words that you chose to publish. You put yourself out there attacking others constantly, but you can't take it yourself. I have always welcomed you and everyone else to post here, regardless of how I may disagree with you, but if you can't take the heat, you're welcome to depart from this kitchen."

Me: Yes... criticize so expect to be criticized. Having a PhD does not preclude Uncle Kenny from this. Unfortunately he mistakenly thinks he's better than the rest of us and/or that us critical thinkers will not challenge him.

He has not changed much since he posted at the Educate Hawaii Forums but this is typical. He will now pout like a spoiled child....

Also... his use of "apartheid" is inaccurate:


An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.

A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

The condition of being separated from others; segregation.

Many Hawaiians are Americans too. Some due to our ancestors so apartheid is inaccurate. For dual citizens like myself. I expect accuracy from a PhD. Not this twisting words stuff.