October 17th, 2005


The Ironman Triathlon: Now local residents know how many Hawaiians feel.

In today's paper there was an article about how some Kona residents react to the Ironman Triathlon. Well now they know how many Hawaiians feel:


Of course I'm Haole and Hawaiian (Chinese and Portuguese too) and have noticed that when a white person speaks... it's called an "opinion." However if these people were indigenous to Kona prior to 1893 then they would be called "militants." Funny how things work. Anyway here is the picture with a link to the article:

Ironman gets a mixed reception from Kona residents

Finding Nemo: Sweet

The meanings of part of my Hawaiian name, Ulu

In Hawaiian... Hawaiian words are and/or can be very powerful. Also... we grow into our name. Here is part of my Hawaiian name which I require some people to call me. Others can call me by my English (Haole) name *L* (I'm joking.) Seriously... here are the meanings of part of my name. I've put the ones that I like in bold and the ones that I REALLY like in bold and I've underlined them as well LOL


1. nvi. To grow, increase, spread; growth; increase or rising of the wind; to protect (PH 116, For. 6:474). Also unu. Cf. mea ulu. Ka ulu o ka lā, the rising of the sun. Kai ulu, sea at full tide. Ulu ehuehu, to grow fast, as a child. Mauka oe e hele ai, ma ka ulu o ka makani (PH 213), go inland where the wind blows. ho o.ulu To grow, sprout, propagate; to cause to increase, as the surf. Cf. mea ho oulu, growth, crop. Ho oulu mea kanu, horticulture. Mea ho oulu pilikia, troublemaker, agitator. Ho oulu lāhui, to increase and preserve the nation [said to be the aim of King Ka-lā-kaua]. Pule ho oulu āina, prayer for the increased productivity of the land.

2. vi. Possessed by a god; inspired by a spirit, god, ideal, person, as for artistic creation; stirred, excited; to enter in and inspire. Also unu. Mana o ulu wale, a thought entered of its own accord, hence fancy, impulse, imagination. E ulu, e ulu kini o ke akua, ulu ō Kāne me Kanaloa (prayer), enter and inspire, may myriadsu of spirits enter and inspire, including Kāne and Kanaloa. Ua ulu a e ia mamuli o ka mahele lua o ke ko iko i, this occurred because of the division of the responsibility. ho o.ulu, ho. ūlu To stir up, inspire, excite, taunt. Pule ho oulu, prayer for inspiration. Oli ho oulu, taunting chant, as before combat. Ka ho oulu hakakā, stirring up fights. Ho oulu haunaele, stirring up a mob, agitator. (PPN huru.)

3. n. Grove (see ulu kanu, Ulu-kou, ulu kukui, ulu lā au, ulu niu); assemblage, collection, or flock, as of stars (ulu hōkū), birds (ulu manu), ships (ulu moku), canoes (u!u wa a). (PPN ulu.)

4. Same as the more common uluulu 3.

5. nvt. Stick used in spreading hot oven stones; to spread the stones.

6. n. Kind of tapa made at Wai-pi o, Hawai i; name of a quilt design.

7. n. Center, as of a canoe or net. Cf. uluna 3. Kīhele ia ulu, bail out the center.

8. n. A name used repeatedly in For. 5:703–9 for Ka-welo s warriors whose names begin with Ka-ulu (Ka-ulu-kauloko, Ka-ulu-kau-waho). Ua po e ulu nei (For. 5:709), these ulu people. Ka nui ulu, the many warriors.

For the longest time I thought it was this:


1. The breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis), a tree perhaps originating in Malaysia and distributed through tropical Asia and Polynesia. It belongs to the fig family, and is grown for its edible fruits, sometimes for ornament. The leaves are large, oblong, more or less lobed; fruits are round or oblong, weighing up to 4.5 kilos, when cooked tasting something like sweet potatoes. (Neal 302–4.) See ex., pakī, and saying ule 1. Ulu hua i ka hāpapa, breadfruit that bears fruit on the flats [of the famous Ni ihau breadfruit growing in the sand dunes]. (PPN kulu.)

2. Round, smooth stone as used in ulu maika game; bowling ball; bell clapper; dice. Ka iki ulu kēia o Kanēkina e kōkē ai nā pine, a small [fellow] is this bowling ball of Kanēkina that knocks down the pins [boast of a small fellow who can do much].

3. Muscles in calf of leg.

4. Name for konāne stone.

the Ulu... breadfruit... but it's not. That's the other word said with the first U stressed more than the second U which is not my name lol

It amuses me how I feel as though there is a god inside of me. (A Hawaiian one.) That may be why I gave someone the name "Palu" because the god that is inside of me gave it to him haha I'm joking but the name "Palu" is very fitting of this person. Well it amuses me because while some people mistakenly think that I act high makamaka (or high "eye" or "snobby") that is not necessarily true. It's really the spirit that is inside of me that is speaking haha (I'm joking.) Well in Hawaiian history there was a high chiefess of Hilo with the Hawaiian name that I have so at times I am weirded out.

Anyway... I will protect you!!! ;)

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