September 20th, 2005


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I feel so bad for normalcyispasse. After one of his possible employers read his blog... they decided to rescind their offer:

When I write here, I try to be extremely careful for personal reasons as in I don't want people and/or entities trying to dig up dirt on me based on what I write in my blog because some people can and will use it against me and I will lose some credibility in my line of work if I were to write some things that I really want to write about. Therefore I'm careful. I don't/won't even publicly post my real name in this blog and I don't tell people my locations. In fact I am very vague and have been harassed about why I am so private about my name, location, etc in my blog. Well that is why. Anyway be careful, all.

Fetish Ball in Las Vegas:

Tonight I received this email:

"First and foremost, thank you for purchasing tickets to the 10th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball. Your tickets will be sent to you by certified mail on Monday, September 26th, so start watching for them. If you have had a change of address since making your purchase, please notify us right away so we can be certain to get your tickets to you.

Again, thank you for supporting the event and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 29th..."

I'm really looking forward to it again.


10 years to life in jail... fun!

How fun!!!!


"If convicted, Ranney, Santos and Honda each face a mandatory imprisonment of 10 years to life"

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Here is a classic response of tourists in the islands when it comes to hurricanes LOL

Seen at

However local people in Hawai'i realize that if they are not prepared like not stock up on water then it can be extremely difficult. During Hurricane Iniki three people died in 1992:

And in 1946 there was a tsunami that hit Hilo killing 159 people:

Seen at

So we do take hurricanes and other natural disasters very seriously. Or try to.

I'm using black and white as the main colors of this journal because last time I wore white. Next time I'm going to wear black haha


Hawaii Newpaper Agency; Senator Daniel Akaka

Hawaii Newpaper Agency:

Wow. Someone from the Hawaii Newspaper Agency read my blog for over 10 minutes. Fourteen minutes and 19 seconds to be exact... using a Macintosh.

Note that my posts about articles as well as pics in their paper are protected by the Fair Use Act

Scope of exclusive rights in pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works

and under the Digital Millenium Act of 1998 Title IV for sound recordings (webcastings.)

More importantly my views are protected by the First Amendment.

I despise what this man is doing. Hawaiian or not. His words and actions

Senator Daniel Akaka:

Seen at

He is all smiles as he allows the U.S. government to define who we are and to tell us that we cannot sue. He will be cursed for selling our kupunas' bones. I know this because my kupuna speak to me. Remember what happened to Attorney Patrick W. Hanifin.

Smile you're on candid Internet camera, Sell Out. Which reminds me... I will write a book about all of our allies and enemies. However I am pretty sure that I have to self-publish because my opinion is an unpopular one so no publisher will want to publish it *LOL* But an honest voice is better than a sell-out one ;) Anyway I reserve the right to take any and all claims to court.

Edited partly because of this


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