July 29th, 2005


Professional Powerlifter Pic

My husband's friend wrote to me and included a pic with stats. First is his pic:

Then his emails:

"Thank you for acknowledging me. I think there are only about 10 guys or less in the world that have made pro level in the 165 lb. weight class. The person has to lift 10x body weight to become pro. My first pro contest is going to be in Chicago at the WPO semi-finals on October 29th."

"ya, here is a pic of me deadlifting at the ____________. I only lifted what I needed to qualify for a 1664 total. I weighed 164 and squatted 705, benched 385, and deadlifted 573 for a 1664 total. I think there are only 10 guys in the world that have qualified to be pro in the 165 lb. weight class. That 705 squat put me number 30th squat of all time as a 165'er."

Pretty cool!

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Hatred among and within indigenous people

Lately I have noticed hatred rise between and among indigenous people. Online and offline. nativeamerican. It saddens me:


To watch indigenous people spew hatred towards white people and bash white people. To me it's just as bad as when white people spew hatred towards non-white people and bash non-white people.

That is why I cut debunkingwhite and other communities like anti_racism because they spew hatred and promote racism against white people. Some people especially indigenous people to America are full of hate. I don't like it.

Communities like that and others serve only one person: For like-minded people to get together and hate on white people and to bash white people. I don't like that. It's ugly. Hatred is ugly. Of course it surprises me considering that with indigenous cultures hatred is not taught and/or cultivated. Anyway I am learning more about other cultures and also about WHO I AM. I don't associate with people who bash any group of people especially people who bash white people or Asians. It doesn't matter to me who they bash but some people seem to enjoy bashing white people which is not right. It's just as wrong as when white people bash non-white people.

Also some white people like to incite indigenous people to hate. Is that a tool to distract us? I don't know.

Also while they bash white people they continue to use some of the white man's tools. Many of them are also racist against white people. In some cases, they criticize non-indigenous people for co-opting indigenous culture(s) yet turn around and do the same thing co-opting European culture(s.) No Double Standards, please.

I'm not here to feed your hatred and/or your insecurities. Which reminds me... I ignore. That seems to be the only vaccine.