June 24th, 2005

You Make Me Laugh

Oooooooooooooooooh... ake (pronounced "ah-keh")

Since my mother called me this morning to inform me that she asked her friend to make ake for me because she knows how much I LOVE to eat ake... I have extended my trip to Virginia where she will be bringing poi and ake to me LOL I would friggen give practically anything to eat ake! As a reminder to those who are not Hawaiian and/or who are not from Hawai'i... this is kinda how it looks:

It's seasoned cow innards. It is one of many things that I find yummy and orgasmic. Ahhhh!

So I will be in Virginia from June 25th til July 15th (instead of from June 25th til July 6th) just so that I can eat the poi and ake that my mother is bringing with her *LOL* (Thanks, Mom!)

Of course I laugh because I look so "Haole" and when I tell other Hawaiians that I eat ake and ake palu they look at me as though I have four heads haha