June 17th, 2005



Here are some pics that I took with my cell phone camera which broke while I was playing with it at Gold's Gym grr so you have to squint to see the objects in these pics *LOL* Don't be misled by "Hawaiian plate lunches." They are NOT Hawaiian food. Instead they are fattening, clogging of the arteries food which they like to promote as "Hawaiian" so that Hawaiians get fat, fat, fat then die from complications from diabetes and/or heart disease. Anyway I don't like plate lunches because of the rice and macaroni salad but I will eat one in moderation or at least share it with someone else but my favorite food is ake, aku palu, and poi which I bought from Haili's Hawaiian Foods. I also ate at Ono Hawaiian Foods in Kapahulu but I didn't take pics there because I was too busy eating Hawaiian food *LOL* Anyway here are some pics:

This is what they served me in First Class: A mai tai with an umbrella. On the way back I had a hot fudge sundae for dessert which made me stop crying *LOL*:

Pic of Haili's Hawaiian Foods in the Fish Market. They serve Hawaiian food though it's not the best Hawaiian food. It will do for me LOL Bob's used to be better but he retired:

My FAVORITE Hawaiian food other than poi, ake. It's seasoned cow intestinal lining. Yum! When I ordered it a dark Hawaiian guy behind the counter stared at me because I have blonde hair but I no care. I like ake. He ended up watching me eat my Hawaiian food outside:

This is aku palu which is seasoned fish guts and scrapings haha:

I'll post pics of poi, crab, poke, and limu kohu when I have time.

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