June 5th, 2005


Homes in Hawai'i

This is a picture of a typical house in Hawai'i. That is, run down and about 50 years old yet they are asking $610,000 for it *LOL*

The other day I was telling my husband about the property that I inherited with my sister, mother, and her brother (my uncle.) To make a long story short... the property that I "own" in Hawai'i has nearly doubled in value and it's mainly because more Haole people are moving to Hawai'i and jacking up the property values. NOT A GOOD IDEA.

That is why I urge people to be compassionate. That is, think twice about moving to Hawai'i because you affect local people in a bad bad way. And it's not only the people. It's also the environment and the birds. Seriously. When more people move to Hawai'i... not going have any room left for people LOL (pidgin English) Seriously. I urge people NOT to move to Hawai'i if at all possible. Visit yes... but to many people Hawai'i is home and if more people move there then there will be more pollution, more traffic, and more stress. That is... it will end up killing people because stress kills.

Anyway you can read the story here about the value of homes in Hawai'i: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/articlefor

As a property owner it is good news for me but as a human being it is not. That is, it epitomizes how greedy some people are and how rude some people are. Have some compassion for those less fortunate is all I have to say.

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Jerry Burris of the Honolulu Advertiser

Who is Jerry Burris? He is the Honolulu Advertiser Editorial Editor who stated that all of us, Hawaiians included, must change with the world. Uh hello! We are proof that we have changed with the world and that we have evolved. Not only that but we are proof that we have adapted. His column also epitomizes how some non-Hawaiians like to tell Hawaiians what is best for them as though we are uneducated peasants who need to be educated which is UNCOOL.

Also I really hate it when Haole People act like that mainly because I'm Haole too. Not just Hawaiian. How embarrassing. Therefore I am posting his picture and article using the Digital Millenium Act of 1998 which allows material to be used for educational purposes. Here is the educational purpose: To show what an idiot he is. Is that bad or is that bad LOL

His column also shows how some people target and single out Hawaiians WHICH IS A HATE CRIME by the way. If he or someone else were to write about Jewish people the way that some of the people write in the local Hawai'i paper... people would be all over their ass. Of course it goes without saying that this isn't the first time that I have noticed he and others writing like this. It's a very sly attempt to try to condition Hawaiians to accept the status quo but Hawaiians are human. They have emotions and opinions like every one else and if they don't want taro to be genetically altered then they don't want it. Period. End of story. Stop pushing your values onto them and RESPECT THEIR CULTURE. Anyway this is what he printed in HIS newspaper:

Hawaiians best served by accepting change

By Jerry Burris
Advertiser Editorial Editor

One often hears that the players most left out of Hawai'i's modern history have been, well, Hawaiians, the host culture.

The culture has been capitalized, exploited, promoted and even celebrated. But more often than not, the profits and glory have gone elsewhere, leaving Hawaiians to watch from beneath their palm trees.

It's a compelling story, with considerable truth to it. But it also fails to deal with the nuances that make the story a bit less dramatic, perhaps, but far more informative.

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