June 4th, 2005


Double Standard when it comes to cops in Hawai'i: On Robert Sylva

I read today's paper and in it I found out that a cop that is facing a federal trial on charges of trafficking in crystal methamphetamine will be released on bail. What the hell? His stupid ass should stay in the Federal Detention Center. Actually all the stupid asses who touch and who distribute Ice should be put in the Federal Detention Center. Then they will see how "fun" Ice is. I say throw away the key because THEY DISGUST ME. That is, they aid and abet diseases of the mind and of the body so THROW AWAY THE KEY. Worse... they don't respect me so if they ever talk to me I WILL knock them out *LOL*

Alot of people have asked me why I am so against Ice. I don't mind other drugs like coke and pot because I held a baby that was born with Ice in his system. Once you do it totally changes your perspective or at least it changed mine. That is why I think that Ice is for WEAK people. That is, weak people who cannot handle Reality and who don't give a fuck if they hurt other people because when you hurt one person while in the Ice Matrix you end up hurting EVERYONE so they deserve to go to jail and I am not sorry that I feel this way. I have NO compassion for these type of people and I am a very compassionate person. Unfortunately jail is the ONLY solution as behavioral modification fails Ice Addiction but it is also a choice. That is, these people CHOOSE to buy and/or sell Ice so throw ALL of them in jail where they can have "fun." ANYWAY I am shocked that he will be released when his ass should be in jail:

Accused policeman to be released

By Jim Dooley
Advertiser Staff Writer

Honolulu police officer Robert Sylva, facing federal trial on charges of trafficking in crystal methamphetamine, yesterday won a bid to be released on bail after suggesting that he be supervised by another HPD officer with his own history of problems with the law.

In federal detention since his arrest March 28 by FBI agents, Sylva, 48, a 22-year HPD veteran, asked U.S. Magistrate Leslie Kobayashi to release him to the custody of fellow HPD officer William Lurbe, who entered a deferred no-contest plea in February to misdemeanor criminal charges of reckless endangerment and harassment.

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Then in the Honolulu Starbulletin his stupid ass excuses are explained to TRY to relieve him of his responsibilities. He's a boy... NOT A MAN and he should be taking responsibility for his ACTIONS:

Officer in ‘ice’ case freed: A federal magistrate approves a request for treatment under a friend’s supervision

By Debra Barayuga

A federal magistrate has ordered the release of a Honolulu police officer accused of selling crystal methamphetamine earlier this year who says he wants to seek treatment for depression and a drinking problem.

Robert Henry Sylva, 49, has been detained without bail at the federal detention center in a special holding unit since his March 28 arrest.

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I like this lady's attitude (Carol T. Chun of Honolulu)

Though I don't have kids of my own, I like this lady's attitude when it comes to getting involved. She stated it best, "Write letters, make phone calls, bug the heck out of somebody:"

Get involved if you want better schools

I just read teacher Derek Bishop's May 19 commentary about the Big Island's Naalehu School. If conditions at that school are half as bad as he says, I say to Big Island and state legislators, "Shame on you!"

The treatment of disruptive special ed students sounds like a constant Catch-22, which I suspect is not exclusive to Naalehu School. The condition of the school with the obvious solution of available portable classrooms is inexcusable. One bathroom for 460 students?

When Foodland has its "computers for the classroom" program, I always select either my elementary school, Pauoa Elementary or Naalehu School in memory of my late mother-in-law, who was a Big Island teacher for more than 40 years. But I realize that while they could use a new computer, what they need is some aggressive lobbying on their behalf.

Jonathan Yorck, kindergarten teacher at Punahou School, has a yearly book drive for Naalehu. It is his passion and a mission. We need more Jonathan Yorcks to go to bat for this school.

Write letters, make phone calls, bug the heck out of somebody.

Carol T. Chun

Seen at http://starbulletin.com/2005/06/04/editorial/index.html