May 18th, 2005


Thanks, Nalani Markell

I have corresponded with Nalani Markell in the past... and she is right on! Here is her letter that appeared in today's paper. I have put the words that I agree with in bold:

Ethnocentric views aren't appreciated

"Mr. James Day's April 27 letter asserting that only "pure Hawaiians" have any valid standing in restoration of "claims," which include rights to culture, art, language, spirituality and all forms of Hawaiian ethnocultural identity, saddens me.

Why is it always a non-Hawaiian, as in the past, dictating how Hawaiians should view and acknowledge one another?

Just because Mr. Day feels he isn't Irish because he is not "race pure" doesn't give him the right to force his ethnocentric view on another people. Apparently he knows nothing about Hawaiians, the history of what happened to them and the fact that 90 percent of the Hawaiian population was decimated. As usual, a non-Hawaiian is forcing the racist "blood quantum" divider to segregate people of Hawaiian ancestry.

It is a fact that Pacific Islanders, like people of Hawaiian ancestry, are accepting of people of part-Pacific Islander-mixed race-multiethnic ancestry as being of their ethnocultural group. Today, people of Hawaiian ancestry continue to endure having their ethnocultural identity stripped from them as dominant Asian and Caucasian groups continue to deny people of Hawaiian ancestry their right to be Hawaiian while at the same time stealing their ethnocultural identity passed down to them by their kupuna as hapa, which is the cultural term that defines and describes people of part-Hawaiian ancestry."

Nalani Markell

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