May 12th, 2005


Nalani Markell

I like her. This is what she wrote in a letter to the editor:

Others want to define who is a Hawaiian

I was saddened by James Day's May 6 letter, "Why do mixed races claim to be Hawaiian?", asserting that only "pure Hawaiians" have any valid standing in restoration of claims, which includes rights to culture, art, language, spirituality and all forms of Hawaiian ethnocultural identity.

Why is it always a non-Hawaiian dictating how Hawaiians should view and acknowledge one another? Just because Day "feels he isn't Irish" because he is not "race pure" doesn't give him the right to force his ethnocentric view upon another people.

Pacific Islanders, like Hawaiians, are accepting of people of part-Pacific Islander, mixed race-multiethnic ancestry as being of their ethnocultural group. Today people of Hawaiian ancestry continue to endure having their ethnocultural identity stripped from them as dominate Asian and Caucasian groups continue to deny people of Hawaiian ancestry their right "to be Hawaiian," while at the same time steal the ethnocultural identity of mixed-race Hawaiians, or hapa, which was passed down to them by their kupuna and is the Hawaiian cultural term that defines and describes people of part-Hawaiian ancestry.

Nalani Markell

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Filipino SPANISH Wanna Be

Then this person makes me laugh. While I was reading his letter, I couldn't help think, "What the fuck?" Also I bet he thinks he's Filipino AND SPANISH *LOL*

Blood does not know what one's race is

There is no race blood. The races do not have race blood. The races have human blood.

The Hawaiians do not have Hawaiian blood. The Hawaiians do not have one-half Hawaiian blood required to attend Kamehameha School for Hawaiians built and run by Hawaiian Bernice Pauahi Bishop's trust. The Hawaiians have human blood, so they donate to the hospitals human blood banks.

The American Indians do not have Indian blood. The American Indians have human blood, so they donate to the hospitals human blood banks.

Hawaii's population has human blood. Mainland U.S. population has human blood.

Pedro A. Badua
Ewa Beach

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Now he knows how some Hawaiians feel.

I feel bad for this guy but boohooohoo. Now he knows how some Hawaiians feel. That is... displaced!

Nelson Fujio would like to use more of this waterfront warehouse to store parade equipment. Fujio is storing his equipment at a Pier 1 warehouse, where Kintetsu International Hawaii has agreed to pay the rent until the Pan-Pacific Festival in June.

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