April 11th, 2005


When outsiders move to Hawai'i

When outsiders move to Hawai'i they seem to EXPECT things to match their pace and/or to match their paradigm not the other ways around. It doesn't work out that way. Then again when these new immigrants move to Hawai'i many times they only take, take, take... not give, give, give like the immigrants who worked on the plantations and that is why I have a problem with these new immigrants. In this case, they seem to be Haole but ethnicity is irrelevant. That is, they are extremely egocentric, they strain the fragile ecosystem, and they strain the educational system yet they blame the infrastructure. They should look at themselves first since they moved to Hawai'i in the first place which creates numerous problems. In other words... if you can help it and/or if you don't have any family in Hawai'i or roots (either through ancestry or plantation workers or if you are in a relationship with either) try not to move there because it is ruining Hawai'i:

Kihei badly needs new school:

Students in one of the isles’ fastest-growing regions are enduring lengthy commutes

KIHEI, Maui » Kihei resident Donna Abdill said she started attending community meetings to try to get a high school in South Maui about nine years ago when her son was in elementary school, but state educators on Oahu do not seem to realize the urgency.

"The main issue is the schools are overcrowded. The campuses are not adequate to host the students," she said. "The island needs it."

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Someone noticed Hawaiians which is a good thing I suppose LOL

Here is a letter that made me laugh because this person noticed something and pointed it out in two sentences. Very brief which I like:

Sparse parade crowd disrespects culture

There was dismal attendance at the Prince Kuhio Day parade in Waikiki, in comparison to the Honolulu Festival parade several weeks ago. It was an insult to the Hawaiian host culture.

Michael Augusta

Seen at http://starbulletin.com/2005/04/11/editorial/letters.html

Rude People

One person was rude to me this morning then to top it off when I went to Dollar General to buy some things there was an older lady who was extremely rude to me. Damn some people!

As I was holding the door for one lady (another older lady) then I waited for this older lady to exit the store while holding the door for her. As she was exiting and I was entering, she told me one of the most rude things ever! She said, "They LOOK real."

What the fuck? They ARE real! How rude. Fucking rude people!

Which reminds me... I wish more people would have some manners.