April 6th, 2005


The Haole Way: On Protecting Land and/or Plants yet Not Protecting Indigenous People (Hawaiians)

* This epitomizes the Haole Way. That is, some Haole People protect the land yet forget to protect it's people (Hawaiians.) Of course not ALL Haole People are like this just as not ALL Hawaiians are nasty to me LOL Anyway... makes you wonder when they will write an article called, "Invasive immigrants response squad sworn to protect Hawaiians." Yeah... don't forget about protecting Hawaiians! That includes other Hawaiians too. That is, if you are Hawaiian don't forget to protect other Hawaiians! (Meaning... try not to be alamihi crabs to other Hawaiians.) I try to do that as much as possible but do I get thanks? No... I get attacked haha! ANYWAY here is the article:

Invasive species response squad sworn to protect native marine life

Gracilaria salicornia is one of the most aggressive alien species that threaten Hawai'i's native nearshore ecosystems.

See the rest of the article here: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/Apr/06/ln/ln08p.html

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You Make Me Laugh

The Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Ball

* I'll be attending it with my Better Half again this October. Look for me there. Oh that's right... many people don't know how I look haha This was last year's: http://www.halloweenball.com/event04.htm

Their Dress Code made me laugh:

"To gain admittance to the Halloween Ball, you must be dressed in the decreed attire or suffer the humiliation of a $40.00 PARTY POOPER FINE, to be paid before being allowed to enter the festivities. Acceptable coverings include EXOTIC CLUB WEAR (the more erotic and wild, the better), COSTUMES of any type, or FANTASY / FETISH wear such as uniforms, leather, lingerie, latex, rubber, p.v.c., feathers, saran wrap, or anything else you might dream up. Ladies may wear sheer fabrics, and revealing outfits, but NO NUDITY WILL BE ALLOWED.

Pasties and liquid latex will no longer be acceptable, due to the wisdom of our elected officials, nor will rubber or other artificial genitalia. The fragile reputation of Las Vegas is at stake after all. Costume weapons of any sort will also not be allowed. To avoid causing any major skirmishes or mobilizations of the "PRUDES FOR THE ELIMINATION OF EROTIC PARTIES" ( PEEPers), PLEASE COVER YOUR NAUGHTY CREATIONS when coming to and from the event. A COAT CHECK will be provided. Several VENDORS, with a selection of masks, leather, and outrageous accessories and toys, will be on hand to help you put the finishing touches on your outfits (or to provide a little something to shock the significant other with)."

That last time we went there were nude old men. I was grossed out by that. Well I really sound like a pervert don't I LOL

Anyway I'm off to the gym since I took yesterday off. Ugh I'm so tired!