November 14th, 2004


Children from Hawai'i

Note that there is a significance difference between "being from Hawai'i and living in Hawai'i" and being "Hawaiian." Anyway these are pictures of children from Hawai'i. Again it is extremely difficult to tell if they are Hawaiian or not based on physical appearance or phenotype. Instead one would have to look at their 'iwi or bones... meaning their genealogy. Even then... to Hawaiians and to our Hawaiian culture it's considered disrespectful to uncover or reveal ones bones. However it is time that we uncover and reveal some of our bones because as it stands now:

1) Hawaiian Wanna Bes including but not limited to Wanna Be Hapas (who are Hawaiian Wanna Bes) are co-opting our bones and our ancestors' bones. Yes... I have a zero tolerance for this out of respect for my ancestors.

2) Many non-Hawaiians do not understand us nor our language. I admit that the Hawaiian language can be cryptic but it's such a beautiful language. It's poetry. Literally. That may be why many people do not understand when we speak because for many of us our heritage includes being cryptic and thus they are unable to decipher our words.

3) It's time for Hawaiians to change and adapt and reveal some bones... in order to survive.

Anyway here are the pics *LOL*


At the 2004 Noelani Craft and Children's Fair at Noelani Elementary School, Marie Rewick, 10, and 9-year-olds Nicole Higa, Lyndi Kimura, Jana Kakugawa and Taylor Higa enjoyed their shave ice, since it was hot and humid in Manoa yesterday. They belong to the Sakura Soccer girls team.

Three-year-old Katrina Trifonovitch ate all of her cotton candy (she even started to eat the paper cone, when her mother, Kelli Abe Trifonovitch, took it away).

From the Honolulu StarBulletin


Excellent book

I highly suggest this book, "Who Owns Native Culture?"
by Michael F. Brown.

Also I just started the booksforsale community since I am a bookworm. I just opened it today and it will be awhile before I sell some of my books since I usually donate them to the local library and/or to thrift stores but I am hoping that others will post books that they want to sell especially books about indigenous histories so if you have indigenous history books or any book or books that you would like to sell then please post them there. Thanks!!!!