October 27th, 2004


Double Standard When It Comes to Respect for the Hawaiian Culture and Its People

In this article there is a furor over someone's email that described a police chief as "Hop Sing" and his appointment as "Little Joe" terms that were used in "Bonanza." This of course is in Hawai'i. Now if someone were to describe a Hawaiian as lazy or disrespect a Hawaiian in any way, shape, or form they don't make such a big deal out of it probably because they know that there are only 401,062 left of us but still.... It's annoying. However it's expected because when someone Asian is disrespected people get all over their ass but when a Hawaiian is disrespected they continue to sip their mint julep tea or Starbucks coffee:

Kauai Police Chief K.C. Lum, a 22-year veteran of the police department, was called "Hop Sing" in an e-mail by police commissioner Leon Gonsalves Sr.

E-mail slurs Kauai’s top cop: Mayor Baptiste has spoken to its sender,
a police commissioner

LIHUE » Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste termed "inappropriate" an e-mail message authored by a member of the Kauai Police Commission who called Kauai's newly appointed Chinese-American Police Chief K.C. Lum "Hop Sing."

In the controversial Oct. 14 e-mail, Police Commissioner Leon Gonsalves Sr. also referred to Lum's Caucasian choice for Deputy Chief, Ron Venneman, calling him "Little Joe."

"Tomorrow is the swearing in for Hop Sing and Little Joe. I wouldn't be there, thank Good (sic), I might throw up." Gonsalves said in the e-mail to a Kauai Police Department employee.

Gonsalves is a retired police officer and the only member of the commission to vote against Lum. He is also Baptiste's only appointee on the five-member Police Commission.

The e-mail was forwarded widely throughout the Police Department, the Prosecutor's Office and islandwide.

Both Hop Sing and Little Joe were characters in the long-running television series "Bonanza." Hop Sing was the stereotyped Chinese cook for the Cartwright family. He had a long pigtail, wore a skull cap, was perpetually angry and was intended as a comical figure. Little Joe was the youngest of the Caucasian Cartwright half-brothers who, with their father, ran a sprawling cattle ranch in Nevada.

One prominent Chinese-American Kauai resident said calling a Chinese "Hop Sing" is as insulting as calling an African American "Little Black Sambo."

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