September 5th, 2004


Admirable: Rose Perenin Of Hawai'i

This lady is admirable in that she left alot of her money to various social causes after being frugal throughout the years... shopping at Goodwill etc. Not many people would do that then leave money to try to make the world a better place:

Humble life ended with noble bequest

By Eloise Aguiar

In the 40 years she lived in Hawai'i, Rose Perenin always walked or took the bus to work and to outings from her studio apartment on the slopes of Punchbowl.

She shopped at Goodwill for clothing and rarely spent money except to further the education of the adults she taught to read and write as a volunteer with Hawaii Literacy.

"She was raised to be terribly thrifty," said friend Marcia Wood.

So when Perenin died last year at age 95, many people were shocked to learn that she had created and endowed a foundation that is worth $6.2 million.

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Bryan Clay

Decathlete Bryan Clay should be proud of his accomplishment. In fact I watched him and rooted for him while watching the competition. He came in second. However he is not Hawaiian as indicated by his website The title is "Bryan Clay Hawaiian Decathlete." He is NOT Hawaiian so I am irritated. It totally takes away from Hawaiians. Some Hawaiians can understand this if and when they are in touch with their roots. Some are just Wanna Bes who want to cling onto anything "Hawaiian" just so that they can have a relationship with "Hawai'i." By the way "Hawaiian" is defined by law. Anyway as you can see he is dark but the color of one's skin is not correlated to if someone is Hawaiian or not:

He is not Hawaiian:

At least one of the local papers states it correctly. That is, he is Hawaii-grown NOT Hawaiian. There is a significant difference:

This is a copy of the email that I sent to him:

"Dear Bryan Clay,

Are you Hawaiian? Please clarify your Hawaiian genealogy as the title of your website is "Hawaiian Decathlete." If you are NOT Hawaiian please remove that from the title of your webpage because many Hawaiians are deeply offended by it. Please do not disrespect the Hawaiian culture and its people if you are not Hawaiian.

Thank you!"