June 27th, 2004


Adaptation of Hawaiians. People, places, and things.

The discovery of fish native to the Pacific found in Florida does not surprise me. Look at how many native people have survived after centuries of being displaced, assaulted, etc. Of course... the seemingly white reporter is surprised. As a native person... I'm not. Read more:

TAMPA - They were cute when young, attractive and petite, but lost their looks as they aged, so someone dumped them in the ocean.

That, at least, is what scientists believe happened to a pair of batfish, native to the Pacific Ocean, that were caught this month on a reef in the Florida Keys.

The batfish - and a number of other nonnative fish identified off Florida's East Coast - most likely were released by aquarium owners. Perhaps they outgrew the tank. Maybe the owner moved or lost interest.

Some, such as the batfish, aren't common. Others, such as the lionfish, have proliferated to the point of raising scientific eyebrows.

Instead of dying in the wild, the Pacific natives adapted to a place they didn't belong.

Read more here: http://www.tampatribune.com/MGBYAFOKYVD.html

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