January 30th, 2003


How Hawaiians look

When I saw this picture, I started thinking about how Hawaiians are slowly dying. People have an image of how Hawaiians look. How do Hawaiians look? We come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Its difficult to tell who is Hawaiian these days. Our ancestors have slowly intermarried with others so while our faces have changed... our Hawaiian heart remains the same.

Whomever I meet and whereever I go, I try to tell people about Hawaii... like Mr Sunshine. He didnt know the meaning of the word "haole." Before he met me he was in the midst of arresting someone when the person called him, "Dumb haole." Mr Sunshine adamantly told me that its a racist term. I told him that its not racist to be called "haole." He thought it was a derogatory word but its not. I told him that Im part haole. "Haole" means "Without breath" nothing like how he thought it meant. I try sooo hard to change his views about Hawaii. He fell in love with the beauty of Hawaii.

Hawaiians are really beautiful. I dont know of a people who come from a line of warriors who dont fight back when they are attacked. What do we do? We try to reason instead of slaughter and murder innocent people after years of struggling. When you feel invisible in your own land it is likely that you become violent in order to be heard. Does that happen? Has that happened? Not yet and I think that makes us fools yet at the same time it shows how beautiful we are. Then again, people love visiting Hawaii. Many fail in understanding Hawaii... and its people.
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