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For my family and friends ™

Admissions Policy at Kamehameha Schools

Admissions policy should be upheld

"I strongly support Kamehameha Schools' admissions policy. Giving preference to Hawaiian applicants is in keeping with the best traditions of American social justice. It is the right thing to do.
Princess Pauahi quite rightly saw education as the salvation of her people, the best way to improve their well-being and bring them a brighter future. When she died in 1884, most Hawaiians were impoverished, poorly educated. Many had severe health problems. Sadly, to a great extent, that is still true. The needs that Pauahi saw still exist in the 21st century in Hawaii's workforce, its welfare rolls, its unemployment statistics, its prisons and homeless shelters and hospitals.

By bringing hope for a brighter future to Hawaiian children, Kamehameha makes this a better society for all of us, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike. The leaders of Hawaii -- and the courts -- must support the Kamehameha Schools as they carry out Pauahi's noble mission. The first people of these islands deserve no less. The rest of us will benefit, too.

I regret that I am away from Hawaii this weekend and unable to join in the "Ku I Ka Pono" march through Waikiki today. I would have been proud to participate. I mua."

Walter A. Dods Jr.
Chairman and CEO
First Hawaiian Bank

My opinion: I agree with him but sadly this CEO knows that his bank is holding money for Hawaiians. I have to research it more but when I have my law degree and when I pass the bar. Dods is also pure Portuguese. I don't understand why he is not telling Hawaiians about the money. I think its because he makes money if and when the money stays in his bank but I digress. I need to find the proof then I can talk. Until then... its just a rumor but knowing me... I will prove it LOL
Tags: conversion is illegal, racism against hawaiians

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