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The Weinbergs: Very giving family in the islands

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg have lived in the islands for years and have given money away to better the people in the Hawaiian islands. However, why isn't anyone saying they're racist since they dont donate money to Hawaiians yet they do to Mid-Pac Institute and to Palolo Valley where there are many Southeast Asians? In fact there are no Hawaiians crying out "racism" as they have done to the people of Kamehameha Schools. Anyway the Weinbergs have donated millions to Mid-Pac Institute to construct the $12.5 million Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Technology Plaza. Why didn't they give the money for a similar plaza to the students of Kamehameha Schools? I should be like those non-Hawaiians and cry racism.

See the double standard? People can be racist against us Hawaiians yet be the first to tell us that we're racist. That's very illogical to me too since most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicity. In fact all the Hawaiians I know are mixed. Mixed with Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipino. The list goes on. No... HAWAIIANS ARE NOT RACIST!

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