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What makes matters worse is that white people are now suing Kamehameha Schools for not admitting a young boy whose mother lied on his Kamehameha Schools appplication. She lied about him being Hawaiian. Evidently she was adopted yet claimed her Hawaiian step father as her biological father. She lied. Now his offer for admission to this school dedicated to educating Hawaiian children is in jeopardy.

Kamehameha Schools is my alma mater. I am Hawaiian and growing up as a child I was VERY poor! If it wasn't for Kamehameha Schools I would probably not have gone to college and I would probably be on the streets in Waikiki selling drugs or worse... selling my body. Kamehameha Schools has done so much good for Hawaiian kids. People have no idea! My parents had to prove Hawaiian ancestry. They provided the necessary documentation. It seems as though this child's mother lied on his application and is now suing the school so that Kamehameha Schools is opened to non-Hawaiians. Thats so wrong!

I have lots of non-Hawaiian friends. I have only dated WHITE men. I have nothing against white people. However, many people fail to realize that Hawaiians are a dying race. There are only 400,000 of us left!

Story about non-Hawaiian child suing school for Hawaiian children

What about the rights of Hawaiian children????

By the way there are only 400,000 Hawaiians left in this world. We should be protected. For all of those people who believe in preserving native American culture... I say, 'WHAT ABOUT PRESERVING THE PEOPLE?"
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