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For my family and friends ™

The future of Hawaiians

During my visit to 'Iolani Palace, I rushed outside to take a pic of Hawaiian children who were attending Explorations. A week-long program for kids of Hawaiian descent to get in touch with their roots. These are non-Kamehameha Schools students. These are one of the 400,000 Hawaiians left on this earth: 200,000 or so in the Hawaiian Islands and 200,000 or so on the continental U.S. Considering that only 200,000 or so Hawaiians live in the Hawaiian Islands... WHAT IS FAIR AND JUST?

Presently there is a lawsuit pending filed on behalf of a non-Hawaiian child whose parent(s) think that Kamehameha Schools is violating their child's rights because s/he is not Hawaiian.

I ask this:

If there were only 400,000 Hawaiians left... then what do you think is just?

Do you think that Hawaiians are a dying breed that has much to offer Hawai'i OR do you think that one can love the plant (Hawai'i) yet not its roots (Hawaiians) which is a terrible lesson to teach kids?

Also these kids of Hawaiian descent as well as myself had to pay $5 just to see our ancestors' belongings and our ancestors' property. Let me charge you $5 to access your great great grandmother's home. Let me charge you $5 to look at her comb and brush.

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